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Upcoming Book on Integral Parenting

Miriam Mason Martineau, vice-president of Next Step Integral, is currently writing a book on an integral approach to the initial years of life (titled Raising the Future — An Integral Evolutionary Approach to Parenting), the culmination of over a decade … Continue reading

Discussing Parenting as an Evolutionary Path of Practice and Activism

This talk features Miriam Mason Martineau and Clarie Zammit discussing Parenting as a profound form of long-term activism and transformation. Miriam Martineau: Spritual Motherhood

How it all began…

Stephan Martineau shares the first glimpse he encountered of what the emergent next level of togetherness might look and feel like. January 1991. It was around 4 o’clock in the afternoon on day seven of a Vipassana retreat when something … Continue reading

The Who of Integral Education

Ever wondered what makes a teacher integral? Or a student? “What will transform education is not another theory or another book or another formula, but a transformed way of being in the world — a life illuminated by spirit and … Continue reading

Announcing Newly Published Book!

Yay! Our eagerly anticipated book on Integral Education has reached the bookstores and can also be ordered online! This very timely book for educators was first conceived of by Willow Dea at our 2007 Integral Education seminar. In partnership with … Continue reading