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8-week Integral Education Webinar with John Gruber

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The Art of Education

Igniting the Spark of Lifelong Learning

We invite you to join us in our 8-week online education course! Together we’ll explore the evolutionary edge of education, honoring depth and breadth, spontaneity and rigor, individuality and the power of the group.  We’ll address the myriad roles of educator, and how you can keep your own sacred spark from burning out, while nurturing it in others.  Learn to bridge the theoretical and the practical as you hear classroom-tested practices from John Gruber and get support from a kindred community of educators.  Reclaim your teaching practice as a spiritual path that inspires you, your students, and everyone around you.

Exploring our collective evolution

In the realm of integral understanding, the sense of WE holds a central place in the fundamental four quadrants of perspective taking. Beyond its simple use as a pronoun to express the perspectives of the first person plural, the word points to all of the aspects of shared understanding that arise from a deep exploration of intersubjective awareness. One reason this particular domain holds so much interest is the recognition that growth and evolution of our collective consciousness rests on a particularly significant edge right now for our time. As we confront the extraordinary changes and challenges of a post-industrial, highly technologized, twenty-first century, we find that our skill in meeting each other and achieving new dimensions in the ground of our connectedness holds the key to meaningful progress in nearly every arena. We might ask, “What does shared purpose look like in the integral space of heart, mind and spirit ?”

It is not entirely surprising that individual evolution might lead human development at a pace well ahead of concomitant growth in the collective realm. As individuals begin to recognize more of their whole potential as living, breathing beings, there is a natural movement towards engaging practices that catalyze further growth and development.

Physical practices, spiritual practices, intellectual and creative practices stretch the individual and open up levels of depth and capacity. We are actively seeking a kind of health and well-being that goes way beyond simple self-satisfaction.

But what of our mutuality ? We are perhaps as a planet far less skilled in understanding how to come together and support the growth of more meaningful and sustainable collectives. As we deepen our practice, we have come to understand ourselves more fully in our individual nature, but we still seek a place where a similar unfolding can begin to take form in community, in relationship to the collective.

We might think of collective consciousness or collective intelligence as the place where we begin to catch up in our wider social and interpersonal relationships to the territories that we have opened up on our own. In this realm, we enter the delicate and still emerging discernment of giving shared voice to that which arises both within us and between us, that which enters into the space of our being fully with all that transcends us and binds us simultaneously.

The space of integral community is a rich and dynamic territory, and one that can experience its own evolving sequence of increasing complexity, nuance and depth. It is perhaps one of the most exciting and one of the most important edges in our growth and unfolding as a human family. If we are creators writing the cosmic music of this infinite composition, this might be the newest movement in a symphony that will continue to play for eons. We are called to take part in the great collaboration that grows out of this particular moment in our shared history.

The Integral Community Seminar offers an opportunity to both explore and experience the potential of collective evolution. Through practice, dialogue, exercises and shared creative spaces, the week will open up a new set of possibilities through our direct experience of the ground we can share in a space of trust and depth.

Appreciating Community

I have been working for the last several months on a long range visioning committee, reflecting on directions for the future, areas for growth, and those existing elements of our school that we most value and want to retain and support. As a learning community, one that is intentionally organized around education, growth and change, we always find it worthwhile to ask deeper questions about how we come together… Read more…

Shining Through

‘Hundreds of thousands of impressions from the invisible world are eagerly wanting to come through you! I get dizzy with the abundance. When life is this dear, it means the source is pulling us.

Rumi, ‘Husam’

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Awareness and Sustainability

lotus seeds

In my botany class, we are completing a six week inquiry into food and agriculture, examining what we eat, what it offers us, where it comes from, how it is grown, who worked to harvest it, and how its production has affected the ecological and socioeconomic systems to which we are all connected. It has been a wonderful place to use an all-quadrant approach to reflect on the many different dimensions and perspectives inherent in that most basic aspect of our own sustenance. During one week, each of us recorded faithfully every item that we ate or drank, Read more…

The abundance of emptiness



I find myself looking up a lot in these past weeks – walking in to the building where I teach, my gaze lifts to the branches of tulip poplar and oak, the stones and bricks of the rooflines, the copper flashing, the chimneys, the sky and the morning light or the evening light, crows and blackbirds, a crescent moon, clouds, the last few leaves of November. This is the ground of my teaching practice, the world that surrounds our inquiry and our dialogue, the vast space of all that is, that which is possible, that which always has been just as it is. Whatever we take up in our thinking in the teaching space, it is already out there in its fullness: the forces that act on us in the universe, the relatedness and interdependence among living organisms, the energy conversions that take place in every interaction. Read more…

Autumn pause
october teaching

october teaching


October lets go reluctantly like the remaining few leaves on the sugar maples in a misty drizzle of warm gray light. There is a pause in the season, the weekend of November’s arrival, of returning the clocks to a time where the sun is highest at noon. We finally release the last of remembered summer, bringing in the final three hot peppers from the Bhut Jolokia plants, potting up a cranberry viburnum offshoot to carry off to Vermont hayfields next year, watching the appearance of winter stars on the horizon in the dark, early morning sky. Pausing at this moment, we find another opportunity to renew our commitment to embodiment, to enacting all that is possible, to waking up to our own full consciousness. Read more…

Each moment an eternity



I am just back from the most glorious, deep and inspiring gathering of integral educators on Whidbey Island in Washington. Beneath the cedars and a bright moon, we explored many facets of what it means to bring an integral vision forward into the work of teaching and learning. There were exquisite moments, and so much energy and talent and wisdom present in a group that came from all across the continent and around the world.

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Listening In
center point

center point


In our teaching practice, we dedicate such energy and time and commitment to our students, to the learning community, to the pursuit of knowing or truth. Perhaps we are quite content to simply rest in the effort, enjoying the journey and paying attention to all that arises in our classrooms, in dialogues, in relationships. Or perhaps we have hopes that something is happening, that through the experiences and the modeling and the inquiry there are in fact changes taking place in our students, in ourselves. During the full, rich busy time of teaching through the academic year, I often find I am quite immersed, up close and deeply into the details of what we are creating. I have come to appreciate more and more the intentional ways that we can listen in to what is taking place in the subtle realms, what is changing, what is happening in the dynamic territory of learning.

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Full Presence
reflecting presence

reflecting presence

It was the reality of existing things,
It was the consciousness of all that lived
And felt and saw; it was Timelessness and Time,
It was the Bliss of formlessness and form.
It was all Love and the one Beloved’s arms,
It was sight and thought in one all-seeing Mind.

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri; The Book of Yoga; Canto VII The Cosmic Spirit and Cosmic Consciousness

The Reality of Existing Things

There are moments where I sit most fully in the realization and recognition that all of reality is possible in this moment, all of Reality is present in this moment. Right where we are, exactly what we are doing, just as we are, exactly as we are being, Everything is present.

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