This chart evolved out of brainstorms in several consciousness study groups.

It seeks to provide a sense of the difference between these two distinct experiences of life…

It is a choice!

False Self Authentic Self
Separation creates buffer zones Touched to the core — Pierce by life — no defense — communion
Stiffness Flexibility — Fluidity
Self-concern No self-concern
Sleepy or wired to the top Ease and Alert
False peace True peace
Want to blend Willing to stand for truth
Re-active Active and pro-active
Fear Love and fearlessness
Anxiousness Trust
Small context Infinite context
Limited Ever evolving and expansive
Boring / habitual Ever new — interesting — surprise
Very personal Beyond the personal
Needs time/space/past No time /space — NOW — timelessness
Uses time as an excuse for non-action Passionate urgency
Never wants change IS change /perpetual change
Lives for itself Lives for the sake of the whole — Purpose beyond self
Immature and puerile Maturity and child-like
Never Satisfied — consumption Abundance
Profit for self — desire Service for the whole
Needs and greed Service — compassion — care — Gives freely
Victim Victorious
Arrogance Humility — reverence — Awe
Divided / fractured Completion / wholeness
Lack of Integrity Integrity
Does not want to participate in selfless events or actions Always ready to participate for the good of all
No Commitment Committed
Head only HEART & MIND connection
Impure/selfish motive — Seeks always only for itself Pure motive — Always expressing the Higher Truth — Purity
Force/manipulation Unfolding
Mortal / No future Immortal / Evolving Future
Control Surrender
Untrustworthy Trustworthy
Force — weak Power — strong
My opinion TRUTH
Untrustworthy because motive is selfish Absolutely trustworthy as motive is selfless
Contradictory Consistent
Self-preoccupied Listening and attentive
Defensive — weak — the world is out to get you Vulnerable, naked and open
Self-created Invocation — co-creation
Judgment Discernment
Mask — murky Clear — lucid — transparent
Blaze — cynical — sarcastic Passionate — enthusiastic
False sense of security Poise on the edge of the unknown
Makes things complicated Simple and clear
Heavy and frivolous Serious and playful
Survival — force Effortless — grace filled
Fake specialness True oneness in diversity
Illusion Truth
Life negating Life affirming
Control and Chaos Chaordic

In every moment WE make the Choice between FALSE and AUTHENTIC SELF


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