Integral Ecology

How might we engage with our natural surroundings in ways that allow both Ecology and Humanity to live and flourish together?

Integral Ecology provides a framework for investigating such questions and finding solutions to the current ecological crisis. It recognizes the wide diversity of values and perspectives, and is interested in creating ever-evolving solutions, specifically suited to the scope and urgency present at the ecological-human interface.

Parenting as a Spiritual Practice Virtual Course: now available as a self-directed version!

A community learning experience facilitated by Miriam Mason Martineau.

Experience the full potential of parenthood: a transformative vessel for evolving yourself, your child, and the future.

Join us for this transformative, 8-week online course! Together we will explore this new frontier in the parenting adventure.  From meta-perspectives to daily practices, we’ll discover just how powerful this integral-evolutionary context can be in creating the fullest, richest, most loving parenting practice.  Raise the bar for how you show up as a parent, and provide your child with the very best foundation for being a loving, creative, conscious being — while discovering an unshakeable ease amidst the inevitable ups, downs, and doubts of parenting.

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Our involvement with Integral Forestry has brought forward insight and understanding that we feel are key to facilitating the emergence and enactment of Integral Ecology, particularly in the areas of mediation and the deep listening that is required in multi-stakeholder situations.  Read article printed in “Integral Review” June 2007>>

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At Next Step Integral we are applying Integral Theory to the realm of ecology and sustainability.  We provide here an example of Integral Ecology in action, applied to Forestry. Since 2004 we have been involved in an initiative to secure 35 000 acres of land to manage integrally, and this in one of the most contentious areas in regards to forestry practices in British Columbia, Canada: the Slocan Valley. This project led to the creation of theSlocan Integral Forestry Cooperative (SIFCo), the world’s first large-scale integral forestry cooperative. Today, against all odds, SIFCo and its work toward a community forest enjoys the support of over 98% of the Slocan Valley population – a very diverse and once deeply divided community. In Januay 2008 SIFCo secured the 35 000 acres of land.

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