Integral Education

Parenting as a Spiritual Practice Virtual Course: now available as a self-directed version!

A community learning experience facilitated by Miriam Mason Martineau.

Experience the full potential of parenthood: a transformative vessel for evolving yourself, your child, and the future.

Join us for this transformative, 8-week online course! Together we will explore this new frontier in the parenting adventure.  From meta-perspectives to daily practices, we’ll discover just how powerful this integral-evolutionary context can be in creating the fullest, richest, most loving parenting practice.  Raise the bar for how you show up as a parent, and provide your child with the very best foundation for being a loving, creative, conscious being — while discovering an unshakeable ease amidst the inevitable ups, downs, and doubts of parenting.

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8-week virtual course with teacher extraordinaire, John Gruber >>

Soon to be released as a self-directed course!

The Art of Education

Igniting the Spark of Lifelong Learning

We invite you to join us in our 8-week online education course! Together we’ll explore the evolutionary edge of education, honoring depth and breadth, spontaneity and rigor, individuality and the power of the group.  We’ll address the myriad roles of educator, and how you can keep your own sacred spark from burning out, while nurturing it in others.  Learn to bridge the theoretical and the practical as you hear classroom-tested practices from John Gruber and get support from a kindred community of educators.  Reclaim your teaching practice as a spiritual path that inspires you, your students, and everyone around you.

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Ever wondered what makes a teacher integral? Or a student?

“What will transform education is not another theory or another book or another formula, but a transformed way of being in the world — a life illuminated by spirit and infused with soul”
– Parker Palmer

What would a team of teachers and students, who together seek to tread new ground, to innovate, and to discover what meaningful education in the 21st Century is all about, be like? How do they show up? Here are some thoughts…

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Yay! Our eagerly anticipated book on Integral Education has reached the bookstores and can also be ordered online! This very timely book for educators was first conceived of by Willow Dea at our 2007 Integral Education seminar. In partnership with Next Step Integral, Willow worked tirelessly to birth this baby, and it is now ready for you to read and share with others! You will find countless stories of insight, celebration, practical hints and tips, and new ways of seeing and engaging education that will breath fresh air into school class rooms and learning spaces across the world.

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