The Who of Integral Education

Ever wondered what makes a teacher integral? Or a student? Here some thoughts…

“What will transform education is not another theory or another book or another formula, but a transformed way of being in the world — a life illuminated by spirit and infused with soul”
– Parker Palmer

What would a team of teachers and students, who together seek to tread new ground, to innovate, and to discover what meaningful education in the 21st Century is all about, be like?

First and foremost we choose our seminar faculty members for who they are, and how they are able to bring authentic engagement into the learning space. Further criteria and the qualities we encourage and look for in our faculty include:

  • Expertise in and passion for their area of teaching.
  • A pedagogy that is integral, i.e. educating the whole human being (body, mind, heart and soul), encouraging the emergence of rgeater levels of complexity; and holding awareness of and appreciation for the interconnectedness of multiple subject areas and perspectives, as well as the meta-level of the learning/teaching dynamic.
  • “Walking the talk”, commitment to the kind and quality of education in the faculty’s own engagement with the subject that is expected in the students.
  • Interest in developing integral education as an ongoing quest, and unfolding experience.
  • Personal commitment to transformation.
  • Appreciation of context and aware of how their area of focus relates to other aspects of the curriculum.
  • Willingness to be at their own growing edge, to share what they know and to inquire into what is not already known to them.
  • Interpersonal skills, a sense of humor, light-hearted, joyous and serious all in one.
  • Bringing their soul, spirit, heart, mind and body into the teaching and learning space.
  • Holding the practical applicability of their subject matter in mind and helping students bridge from classroom to life-out-there.

And here what we have noticed in the students and seminar participants we encounter — gems they are:


… Are looking for a creative and interactive learning environment that will address and call on all aspects of your being, bringing forth not only acquisition of knowledge and new perspective, but also transformation within yourself.

… Care deeply about the state of the world, its people and the environment, and feel a call to work for positive change and to chart new ground.

… Are inquisitive, do not settle for what is already known, but are excited to push the edge and explore emerging territory, both personally and collectively.

… Have outgrown the prevailing educational system and are looking for something more meaningful and real; something that will provide you with the skills, knowledge and tools to make a real difference – in yourself and in the world.

… Know there is more to you than your intellectual and physical capacities; that in you lies a spark of life, unique and yet also so connected with all other sentient beings, that wants to grow into a fire, express itself, and become available to others.

… At times feel discouraged by the human condition, by how destructively we can act… and yet you get inspired and touched at a core level when met with real integrity and commitment for transformation.

… Feel compelled to engage with all your inherent potential to reach your highest aspirations, even if you don’t yet know what these are.

… Are interested in community as a learning environment and eager to face into the opportunities for growth and self-knowledge provided in such a setting.

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