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Miriam Mason Martineau M.A. offers sessions in-person or via video conference (zoom)

Integral Therapeutic Counselling for Adults, Couples, and Youth & Coaching for Parents

The counselling environment:

I offer a safe and confidential healing environment for those seeking help with problems and difficult transitions, who are ready and willing to face and transform their life challenges, or are wishing to further their personal development and awareness.

The journey:

Throughout the sessions, I focus on honouring and integrating the many dimensions of each individual – the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual. My counselling approach is integral*. While generally using a cognitive-verbal approach, I integrate a wide range of techniques, including movement, voice and art for individuals open to exploring these forms of expression and healing.

Coaching for parents:

I also offer support, tools and perspectives that facilitate a more comprehensive and effective approach to what is one of the most challenging, wonderful and important tasks on earth: that of accompanying and raising a child. I utilize an Integral framework, which enables parents to work with the many paradoxes that parenting a child holds.

* An integral approach to counselling not only considers an individual’s inner world(s) and outward behavior, but also sees that each person is enfolded and interacts within culture and social systems. Thus the intricate web of relationships and dynamics amongst family, friends, environment and any other pertinent relationships, as well as society at large, are also taken into account in the therapeutic journey.


Trained and certified as a Professional Psychologist in Switzerland. Accredited teacher in Modern Expression Dance. Also leads workshops on integral parenting, authentic voice and movement. Mother. Working in private practice since 1993.

“Miriam invited me to redefine my beliefs about my own limitations in a counselling environment that was open, flexible and deeply sincere.  Her consistent competence as a counsellor was infused with a warm humanism that supported me to move  forward in my life.”  H.B.

“As a counsellor, Miriam is extremely present (…) Counselling with her was one of the most valuable things I did after someone I loved died. Our sessions also helped me to incorporate more consciousness, self-care, and authenticity into my life.”  S.G-M. (25 yrs)

“Speaking with Miriam is such a gift.  Our conversations help me to become really sure of the priorities of each emerging stage and challenge.  I find it really helpful to hear about the general developmental stage my daughter is in and then talk about creative solutions to our particular life situations. I feel blessed to have this level of support for my parenting at this time.” Shannon D.

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