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What to Do When My Child Lies?

13 Ways to Respond, Prevent, and Strengthen Honest Communication (Originally posted in Huffington Post, June 2, 2014) Think of the times in your life you have lied. And why. Were you afraid of what would happen if you told the … Continue reading

Music for Allison

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You’re It! An Invitation to Show Up Fully

(Originally posted in Huffington Post, November 12, 2012) Remember that feeling when you played tag as a kid and got caught? “You’re it!” And there was no more running away, no swerving or turning back. The only way onward was … Continue reading

What is Integral Parenting?

How might we accompany a child if no ceiling is put on the human potential? We are interested in discovering what foundation during the initial years of life would be most conducive toward a child growing into an integrated adult. … Continue reading

Upcoming Book on Integral Parenting

Miriam Mason Martineau, vice-president of Next Step Integral, is currently writing a book on an integral approach to the initial years of life (titled Raising the Future — An Integral Evolutionary Approach to Parenting), the culmination of over a decade … Continue reading

Next Step Integral co-sponsors Mother/Daughter Retreat 2012

Integral parenting expert Miriam Mason Martineau and co-founder of the Feminine Power Global Community Katherine Woodward Thomas invite mothers, grandmothers, aunties and friends – and the girls they love – to experience the profound joy of being fully engaged in … Continue reading

Looking back on our 2011 Integral Community Seminar…

Here are some reflections, images and glimpses of our incredibly rich and heartening seminar where we gathered together this past summer to explore and experience integral community (August 9-14, 2011 at Whidbey Institute, WA). : * Slide show of our … Continue reading