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Shining Through

‘Hundreds of thousands of impressions from the invisible world are eagerly wanting to come through you! I get dizzy with the abundance. When life is this dear, it means the source is pulling us. ’Rumi, ‘Husam’

Awareness and Sustainability

Inquiring In my botany class, we are completing a six week inquiry into food and agriculture, examining what we eat, what it offers us, where it comes from, how it is grown, who worked to harvest it, and how its … Continue reading

The abundance of emptiness

Thanksgiving I find myself looking up a lot in these past weeks – walking in to the building where I teach, my gaze lifts to the branches of tulip poplar and oak, the stones and bricks of the rooflines, the … Continue reading

Autumn pause

Intention October lets go reluctantly like the remaining few leaves on the sugar maples in a misty drizzle of warm gray light. There is a pause in the season, the weekend of November’s arrival, of returning the clocks to a … Continue reading

Each moment an eternity

Timelessness I am just back from the most glorious, deep and inspiring gathering of integral educators on Whidbey Island in Washington. Beneath the cedars and a bright moon, we explored many facets of what it means to bring an integral … Continue reading

Listening In

Listening In our teaching practice, we dedicate such energy and time and commitment to our students, to the learning community, to the pursuit of knowing or truth. Perhaps we are quite content to simply rest in the effort, enjoying the … Continue reading

Full Presence

It was the reality of existing things, It was the consciousness of all that lived And felt and saw; it was Timelessness and Time, It was the Bliss of formlessness and form. It was all Love and the one Beloved’s … Continue reading

Seeing what is – appreciating

Where I teach, this is a season of great appreciation as we feel the nearing completion of another year of working together. The season itself seems to celebrate the growth and learning; all that has been created, all that has … Continue reading

Seeing what is – observing

What is this… Considering all of the gifts of this being human, we might hold for a moment the exquisite creativity, the breathtaking compassion, or the intricate intellect that arises alongside and within human consciousness. Yet beneath it all, there … Continue reading

Changing States

The Voice replied: “Remember why thou cam’st: Find out thy soul, recover thy hid self, In silence seek God’s meaning in thy depths, Then mortal nature change to the divine.” Sri Aurobindo, Savitri; The Book of Yoga; The Parable of … Continue reading