Abigail Lynam

has devoted the last twelve years to teaching in the field of environmental studies and transformative adult education. She is faculty for Lesley University’s Ecological Teaching and Learning Master’s program, designed for teachers in public, private and non-profit settings.  Abigail also taught for the Audubon Expedition Institute and UMASS’s Integral Sustainability in India program for many years.

Abigail brings an integral framework to these programs, in particular incorporating research on human development, including curriculum to support the inclusion and development of interiors, and applying the latest research in integral ecology.

Having taught in the field of environmental education for many years, she is passionate about extending and deepening the way we teach about the natural world and nature/human relations.  She works to include both the interior and exterior world of students, teachers and the subject of study, to transform the stories we tell about our human/nature relations, and to deepen our capacities to recognize and communicate across cultural and value differences.  She is also one of the directors of Next Step Integral and a graduate of Pacific Integral’s Generating Transformative Change leadership development program.

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