Stephan Martineau

Stephan MartineauStephan Martineau is the founder and President of Next Step Integral, the hosting organization of this seminar. At the very center of Next Step Integral’s vision and mission is the creation of authentic integral community. Stephan’s lifelong passion and pursuit is to bring integral visions into action, to move beyond ideas and discussions and theorizing to actually doing and being this emerging consciousness.

Stephan spent five years visiting intentional communities, spiritual communities, ashrams, and monasteries and studying the dynamics between individual and collective flourishing and evolution present in them. Following this, he founded an intentional, integrally informed community in 1992, and lived and taught there for a decade. This community was founded with the specific intent and vision of exploring and discovering what becomes possible when participants share an evolutionary contract together and are committed to coming together in service to the greater Whole. Since then he has continued to create transformative community and educational events internationally, as well as teach courses on integral community and integral parenting.

Stephan also works as an integral consultant for not-for-profit organizations, and has worked in watershed management, ecosystem-based planning and community development since 1993. He is the president and business manager of the Slocan Integral Forestry Cooperative (SIFCo), that manages a 35,000-acre community forest in the Slocan Valley, BC, where he successfully spearheaded an integral approach to a multi-stakeholder situation in one of BC’s most contentious areas in regards to forestry practices in Canada.

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