Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis hasn’t quit his day job. He’s still a full-time performing songwriter.  Things are just a bit more… hyphenated these days.  He’s becoming a Musician-Director-Comedian-Author.  But music is still his main squeeze. The proof is in the fan-funding.

Davis’ new album Music for Mortals was entirely funded by fans from fifteen different countries, who put up over US$80,000 in capital to see the project come to life, and then waited two years for it to be completed.  No Kickstarter, no IndieGoGo- just Stuart’s email list of die-hard fans stepping up in Olympic fashion.  They put up the money, he put up the music.

Their enthusiasm must have been contagious, because the new music finds Davis engaged and engaging as ever, whether enrapt in miracles, or enraged in mayhem. Recorded at Henson Studios in Hollywood, Music for Mortals explores themes of spiritual awakening, death, and the mess of being Human.  Stuart wrote most of the songs over the last year of his father’s life, the music guiding him through a dark night of the soul.
“It was brutal gift, letting go of my dad.  It pulled me closer to everything- darkness, impermanence, but also profound love.  His death moved through us like a mysterious storm.  I kept sifting through the debris, and finding songs.”

But it’s no album of dirges. Songs like ‘Spit It Out’ bristle with punk provocation, while others such as ‘Beautiful Place’ and ‘Love’ are lifted by Davis’ unique sensibilties, one that USA Todaysays “…shimmers with pop savvy“.   Music for Mortals was produced by Alex Gibson. Having performed over 1,000 concerts in the US and Europe, Stuart still enjoys the road.
In-studio appearances on syndicated shows such as Coast to Coast AM, NPR’s Weekend Edition, and The World Cafe have been some of the highlights of his touring career so far.
Davis is a Zen Buddhist and lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters.
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