Terri O’Fallon

Learning and change in human systems has been a lifelong pursuit for Terri O’Fallon. In service of this lifelong passion Terri completed her PhD in 1998 in Integral Studies with a concentration in “Learning and Change in Human Systems”; she is a certified scorer of the Leadership MAP, developed by Susanne Cook-Greuter as well as a certified Spiritual Director. In combination with Terri’s years of experience with human systems of all kinds, these capacities give her the knowledge and skill to design and support the core developmental trajectory and span of human systems, including individuals, and organizations of all kinds.

Terri has been an educator for over 40 years and has worked in a variety of teaching and administrative positions in elementary schools, high schools/school districts, colleges and universities. She was a faculty member for CIIS in the Transformative Learning and Change Program for the 8 years and specialized in delivering PhD graduate studies using online networks with participants worldwide. One of her areas of expertise lies in building online and face-to-face learning communities, and teaching dialogic approaches to making new knowledge.

She is presently one of three principals for Pacific Integral, an LLC that uses and teaches this framework. One of Pacific Integral’s services is a two-year certificate program called Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems. Terri also is involved in chairing and serving on PhD dissertation committees for two institutes (the California Institute of Integral Studies and the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology) and consulting, including international work in Kosovo.

Her most recent research involves the later emerging levels of adult development and how individuals and organizations move their core capacities to wider frames. In keeping with this, Terri is able to use Leadership MAP to design or support a developmental trajectory of increasing capacities for human systems, including individuals and organizations.

All of this work supports a commitment to evoke the Sacred within learning communities, from birth to death, from local to global, using face-to-face teaching and contemporary online approaches.

Recent publications
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For more info on Terri’s work go to pacificintegral.com.

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