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This seminar will explore what it takes in each of us to be present to and to contribute to an authentic integral collective. We will also be looking at what arises from such a collective, what it points to and expresses itself as.

You will learn the nuts and bolts of creating community from the ground up, as well as the necessary skills and discernment to bring integral presence and perspective to an existing system and culture.

Integral Community offers answers to the question, “What can a collective be at its very best, when it embodies the fullest, most inspiring potential of coming together with others ?” An integral approach to community recognizes the many different perspectives present in any collective setting and holds a meta-perspective to incorporate as many different truths as possible. At the same time, a fully integral collective honors goodness and beauty in the areas of ethics, justice, aesthetics, art and spirit.

The seminar program will facilitate our own interior development and continuing growth as we engage in exploring what the development of the collective looks like. It will offer examples of how to create meaningful community experiences that actively engage multiple elements of the integral framework. We will reflect on the ways that developmental lines and levels show up in community, the ways that we can light up the interior and exterior dimensions, as well as the individual and collective ones in the design of integral community and in the ways we collaborate and create to evolve the We. We will explore the importance of authentic integral relationship in this day and age, and also touch on the significance of the physical spaces in which community takes place.

Our time together will offer a breadth of insight and a depth of presence, in the company of some of the most deeply thoughtful and experienced educators in the integral movement. This integral community seminar is explicitly designed to offer all of the participants an experience of integral community in the ways that we will move through the seminar and experience first-hand what becomes possible when we come together beyond the personal, while including each person’s unique gifts and contributions.

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