Past participants share…

Testimonials from parents who have attended our courses:

In the hardest moments of being a new parent, and in the gentle arc of expansion, I found again and again, gems of wisdom that would surface in the perfect moment.  The two-day course was priceless! ~ Adrian W. (father of two)

The course was the foundation for our family’s journey into deeper mindfulness and conscious contribution to evolution of the next generation. I’m still processing so much from that workshop, even these days. It seems the layers and layers are endless. I still grapple with so much of the info I absorbed there. ~ Rachelle M. (mother of two)

Miriam and Stephan shine a brilliant light of discernment on the multifaceted adventure of parenting. This course is divinely inspired. Mark Braaten (father of four)

My husband and I treasure our experience with the class we attended, it will forever affect the way we parent. Shannon D. (mother of two)

This course was an important step on my journey into conscious and creative parenthood. Connecting with other parents through the course offerings was insightful, fun and engaging. ~Marlo R. (mother of two)

This method of parenting has brought me closer to my children, my authentic self, and God. (participant at Hollyhock, Cortes Island)

Miriam and Stephan express an authentic care in one’s experience as a parent and a true desire to assist one in bringing out our children’s fullest potential. Participating in their course sparked a deep shift in perspective for me, one that I am truly grateful for. I wish I could have attended earlier in my parenting experience. Their comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the spiritual path of parents and the ways of being for children was delivered with compassion and grace. Laura Heslin

I was grateful for having this quality of parenting information offered in such a sensitive and accessible way. (participant at Hollyhock, Cortes Island)

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insights. Already I feel energized, more confident abut my direction as a parent, and equipped with a number of tools to improve my parenting style and relationship with my daughter and partner. (participant at Hollyhock, Cortes Island)

To get together in a group expands any learning experience and to come with your partner to your class as parents-to-be at a very receptive time, was useful for us. Parenthood initiates so many changes and the course made it easier to talk about these and to connect to ourselves. I appreciated most the interactive parts, and found Miriam and Stephan to be very skilled and caring facilitators. ~ Malin (mother of two)

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