Integral Life for Gen Next 2008

Integral Life for Generation Next

Exploring and Embodying Integral in the 21st Century

August 10 – 15, 2008 Pema Osel Ling Retreat Center

Santa Cruz, California

This seminar, the first of its kind, will bring together 20 to 35 year-olds from around the globe who are discovering how integral consciousness, when put into action, can be an incredibly powerful tool for transformative change and leadership.

Living an Integral Life nurtures and challenges body, mind and spirit, thereby facilitating next steps in personal evolution. This leads to a deeper discovery and understanding of who we are, our relationships, and the gifts we have to offer the world. Indeed, an increasing number of people are recognizing that living an Integral Life is key to co-creating a just and sustainable world. In a community of peers we will learn about and examine Integral Theory and its application to our lives and the world at large. We will also explore and celebrate what becomes possible when we truly come together to re-envision ourselves, our culture, and our collective future.

Faculty includes:

Diane Musho Hamilton / Jamie Wheal, M.A. / Stephan Martineau / Abigail Lynam M.S. / Jonathan Reams, Ph.D. / Clint Fuhs / Jesse McKay / Barrett Brown / Thomas Arthur / Miriam Mason Martineau, M.A. / Ben Hart

Some of the questions we will engage with are:

  • How can we, as emerging leaders, learn to navigate the ever-increasing and complex challenges we face as a human family?
  • How can we come together beyond the confines of our separate self-sense (our ego) and co-create the emergence of true communion and community in our lives?
  • How can we embody an integral perspective in all aspects of our lives — in our work, play, relationships, education and personal practice?
  • In a universe unfolding into increasing consciousness and complexity, how can we work not only to develop current capacities, but also to co-create the conditions for the emergence of more complex perspectives in the future?
  • How can we bring what we experience and learn together back home to share with our peers and communities?

“It is now your turn to take on the task of leadership to build a new world, a new civilization, through the development of human character, and the evolution of the human soul. Whatever it is that you do in life, ultimately this is the only game worth playing. To play a game lesser than that is to fail the dignity of your soul.”
— Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

And last, but not least, we will have the best of times! With dance, music, late-night discussions, a new community of friends, and surrounded by the majestic beauty of the redwoods we will have a profound week of growth, connection and celebration.

This seminar will:

  • offer a creative and interactive learning environment that addresses and calls on all aspects of your being—bringing forth new perspectives, knowledge and practices, and above all, transformation within yourself.
  • foster an environment of support and inspiration for bringing your deepest passions and visions into action;
  • offer and apply the integral model as a tool to help you orient yourself in any setting and align your actions toward the greatest benefit for all;
  • provide meaningful opportunities for personal reflection and development;
  • enable you to connect with the growing Integral Generation Next community;
  • include a sharing of relevant experiences of living integrally informed lives in the areas of career, relationship, parenting, education, and personal practice;
  • and, above all, explore what being and becoming an integral individual actually looks and feels like.

Along with presentations and experiential offerings, this seminar will also draw on the skills and knowledge of all present and offer open sessions for participants to connect and share.

Generation next is sophisticated and directed; truly world aware and capable of great pursuits and contributions. In a world of increasing challenge though, what lies beyond the journey of individuation that this generation has been through? Coming together – marrying the collective with the uniqueness of each individual, being more yourself than ever AND relaxing the walls of separation between yourself and others. In this way, being an integral person, and acting from this perspective is the next step to take for those ready to do so.

In a community of dynamic young adults, surrounded by natural beauty and exploring great possibilities for our world and ourselves, we will have a profound week of growth, practice, connection and celebration!

Eight core skills that you will develop during the seminar:

Wake into your integral self…

  1. Apply the Integral Model: Learn to apply the deepest and widest framework available to challenges, opportunities and goals in your life, including in your family, community, and workplace.
  2. Embody an Integral Life Practice: Develop and/or deepen a personal practice that exercises multiple dimensions of yourself – body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature.
  3. Communication with people at different levels of development: Learn to perceive the level of complexity (for example, egocentric, sociocentric, and worldcentric) of peoples’ development, and then skillfully shape your communication in order to assist their and your own flourishing and evolution.
  4. Multi-perspective awareness: Learn to hold and embody multiple perspectives. Transcend simpler perspectives and include them within more complex ones, to cognitively “see” different perspectives, interpersonally communicate with individuals holding divergent perspectives, and personally inhabit the worldview and understanding of various perspectives.
  5. Expand and deepen understanding of self: Explore different practices of self-inquiry to foster awareness of your own body/mind connection, interior states (emotional, somatic, mental, transpersonal), psychological structures, emotional reactions, shadow material, and object-relations.
  6. Integral management of energy: Learn to center in stillness while taking action; work with your and others’ physical, emotional, and spiritual energies; and recognize and skillfully address your and others’ negative energies.
  7. Develop leadership skills, such as: the capacity tolisten deeply, to guide, inspire and lead, to see beyond the present moment, to hold multiple perspectives and to see the bigger picture – both in time, space and content.
  8. Lift the ceiling! Discover greater degrees of courage, stamina and presence than you ever thought possible. Feel more, see more and grow in your capacity to bear more too, and to let go. Quite simply, be more fully alive! Experience ecstatic joy, piercing sadness and heart-moving compassion as you dance wildly, in body, mind, soul and spirit!

Three meta-concepts that you will understand:

You’ll learn about the essence of an integral life in the seminar as we touch on these meta-concepts throughout the week.

  • Many of the major approaches to life are partial in their response to complexity, yet are held within the integral framework, which shows how they fit together in a meaningful way.
  • Integral cross training of body, mind, and awareness accelerates learning and personal growth.
  • By shifting from tasks being at the center of all activity to awareness holding center stage, the scope of the life experience that can be taken in widens, as do the unused potentials that can be activated, and the kind of presence and service that is offered to the world.

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