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You’re It! An Invitation to Show Up Fully

(Originally posted in Huffington Post, November 12, 2012) Remember that feeling when you played tag as a kid and got caught? “You’re it!” And there was no more running away, no swerving or turning back. The only way onward was … Continue reading

For the interim time…

(Originally posted in Huffington Post, February 2, 2012) This past week, I have been living life with tears just behind the layer of daily functioning, joys and busyness. The troubles of this world, the craziness of our humanity and the … Continue reading

Reflections on our recent Integral Community Seminar

It’s been over a month since we gathered at Whidbey Institute on gorgeous Whidbey Island for our 2011 seminar. Over 50 of us came together to explore and experience what integral community feels like, looks like, and what it takes … Continue reading

How far can we take our gratitude?

Originally posted in Huffington Post, September 25, 2011 (Title “Can you be grateful for what you don’t like?) “Lying under a starry night last week while camping and looking up for shooting stars with my 8-year old daughter, our conversation … Continue reading

The Art of Discernment

Originally published in Huffington Post, July 13, 2011. Sunday afternoon, with an hour to spare, I wander to the garden to thin some baby carrots – those wee beginnings of carrots, just tufts of green really – so as to … Continue reading

Core Vision: Integral Village

Since its inception as an organization in 2003, Next Step Integral’s vision and mission has been to take that “next step” toward integral consciousness, and then to apply, embody, and fully live it – in all facets and areas of … Continue reading

Navigating a Multi-stakeholder Situation

Our involvement with Integral Forestry has brought forward insight and understanding that we feel are key to facilitating the emergence and enactment of Integral Ecology, particularly in the areas of mediation and the deep listening that is required in multi-stakeholder … Continue reading

Integral Ecology applied to Forestry

At Next Step Integral we are applying Integral Theory to the realm of ecology and sustainability.  We provide here an example of Integral Ecology in action, applied to Forestry. Since 2004 we have been involved in an initiative to secure … Continue reading

The Parent

Who am I to my child? Where do I come from in all my interactions with a child? Generally our actions reflect where we reside in consciousness, which in turn hugely effects the relationship between us and the children we … Continue reading

What is Integral Parenting?

How might we accompany a child if no ceiling is put on the human potential? We are interested in discovering what foundation during the initial years of life would be most conducive toward a child growing into an integrated adult. … Continue reading