John Gruber

Seeing what is – appreciating


Where I teach, this is a season of great appreciation as we feel the nearing completion of another year of working together. The season itself seems to celebrate the growth and learning; all that has been created, all that has been shared. Students who are preparing to leave us and move on to continue their education in a new setting are particularly engaged in this articulation of what the experiences have meant to them, what they will take with them on the next stage of their journeys. Read more…

Seeing what is – observing


What is this…

Considering all of the gifts of this being human, we might hold for a moment the exquisite creativity, the breathtaking compassion, or the intricate intellect that arises alongside and within human consciousness. Yet beneath it all, there is this simple and always present gift of attention, of where we are putting our awareness. Read more…

Changing States


The Voice replied: “Remember why thou cam’st:
Find out thy soul, recover thy hid self,
In silence seek God’s meaning in thy depths,
Then mortal nature change to the divine.”

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri; The Book of Yoga; The Parable of the Search for the Soul

Ever Changing
Our teaching ultimately is a direct reflection of our presence, our awareness, our state of mind. I’ve been watching how that changes from moment to moment in these last two weeks, how each day, even each class at different times of the same day comes out as a unique expression of that particular moment. Read more…

Making the invisible visible

In my integrated science class this week we are thinking together about waves. As a physical science topic, waves are always a rich and rewarding area of exploration – we work with water waves, including surf and tsunamis, seismic waves, sound waves, and of course all the electromagnetic waves of light in its many various flavors and versions. Among the deeper inquiries I love in this endeavor is the overall concept of energy moving through matter. Read more…

Stepping into possibility in our roles as educators.

One of the exquisite possibilities of engaging an integral approach in our teaching practice is that at every moment, with every subject, we have the opportunity to engage the whole universe. The ‘subject’ we teach, be it music, history, language, painting, literature or science, becomes a vehicle for deeper insights that include and embrace the intricacy and detail inherent in that discipline while at the same time transcending it and engaging higher dimensions of truth, goodness and beauty. One of the classes I teach this year is a senior seminar in botany. Read more…

Light in the flow
light in flow

light in flow

“Here came the thought that passes beyond Thought,
Here the still Voice which our listening cannot hear,
The Knowledge by which the knower is the known,
The Love in which Beloved and Lover are one.”

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri; The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds; The Kingdoms of the Greater Knowledge


Right where we are, in this moment, there is possibility for realization. Read more…

Teaching to the solstice

spiral of planetary seasons, Museum of the American Indian

I am very attentive to seasons, both as a teacher and as a student of natural history and the living cosmos. For me, this season from November to the end of the calendar year is one of thanksgiving and gratitude, a time of reflection and crystallization, and a moment of finding light in the darkness. This week, we approach the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, that moment when the earth’s tilt is pointed fully away from the sun, fully out into the depths of the beyond; it is also our shortest day in the north, and it comes this year as it often does at about the same time we begin a break from daily teaching until classes resume again in January.

Read more…