Miriam Mason Martineau

Welcome to my blog! I look forward to sharing with you myriad reflections, questions and musings. I’d would love to hear any responses and comments that arise for you, so please dive in and weave the conversation with me!

The Parent

Who am I to my child? Where do I come from in all my interactions with a child? Generally our actions reflect where we reside in consciousness, which in turn hugely effects the relationship between us and the children we parent or teach.

So when we speak of Integral Parenting we are talking about the parent being, thinking, feeling, and acting integrally.

“The secret of parenting is not in what a parent does, but rather who the parent is to the child.” – Gordon Neufeld

What might this look like in practice? Here some general reflections, followed by some practical suggestions (derived from adapted excerpts of a publication titled “Introduction to Integral Parenting”).

Given that our doing flows from our being, any steps we as parents take toward becoming more mature, present, and able to inhabit and respond to multiple perspectives will benefit our child and our parenting efforts. In addition, it would be hard to find another endeavor that asks someone to grow up as much, as persistently, as convincingly as being a parent. So, putting the two together—the far-reaching benefits of self-development (not just for oneself but also for one’s child) andthe challenge and opportunity provided by the very act of parenting to grow and stretch—make parenting an ideal spiritual practice. Read more…