Integral Village

Since its inception as an organization in 2003, Next Step Integral’s vision and mission has been to take that “next step” toward integral consciousness, and then to apply, embody, and fully live it – in all facets and areas of life. We are committed to the work of taking the step, bringing vision into action, moving beyond ideas and discussions and theorizing to actually doing and being this emerging consciousness. Our overarching and central vision is to co-create Integral Community – where integral being and doing happen within an evolutionary context 24/7 — whether while parenting, at work, in relationship, during personal practice, or any activity and situation we may find ourselves in.

To this end Next Step Integral is inspired and dedicated to co-creating a demonstration site of integral life on earth. We are currently in the design phase of this project.

Real transformation happens when people have experiences that touch all facets of their being: body, mind, soul and spirit. The vision of an ‘Integral Ecovillage’ challenges and calls upon Integral Theory to come alive, thereby offering transformational impulses and experience to those who touch in with such a practical and evolving example of embodied integral perspective. This would be reflected and held in exterior reality as much as in our inner spaces.

We envision daily life and activity embedded in a shared existence, a community experience that would span the mundane to the most sacred.

Imagine a child growing up in such a culture… imagine an elder nearing the end of their life journey in such a place… imagine a sincere seeker stumbling upon such a sanctuary… imagine what is possible if we raise our human experience by an octave, what new tunes we might hear, what different melodies might fill our hearts, what inspired songs we might share…

Interested? Let us know!

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