False Self versus Authentic Self

The discernment between these two forces within us and others, as well as a growing awareness of how they manifest in and around us is paramount to beginning the journey of disidentification with False Self, thus consciously making space for the emergence of the authentic.

A juxtaposition of the two can help bring clarity to the striking and unmistakable difference and incompatibility between them. Read chart »

Reflections on how one or the other shows up in ourselves is another way to increase awareness of the distinction. This can encourage a growing commitment to consciously choose the authentic over the self-centered False Self.

If you are inspired to share your insights and experience on this, send us additional contrasts between False and Authentic Self and/or reflections on how these two arise and express themselves in you and others. We will look them over and include some here on our site. It is by many eyes seeing that the picture becomes more and more complete!

Miriam’s reflections:

In the Ego self I hold tight and fall, stumble and strive, reaching out… To where? Trying all the time, and then trying not to try. Tired and tight, chest contracted, mouth convincingly utters words I do not mean. Like a deer running from the headlights I flee from exposure. Life is a fight, a constant struggle. A fight for survival. I defend my soul and spirit as much as my mind and body. Never enough — always a new problem — circling round and round, new variations of the same old same old. Life a stream of OK moments, terrible ones and good ones… but not Great Ones. And so I stumble on, caged in myself, and keep on trying… to be good, to be liked, to be accepted and seen.

In releasing into Authentic Self, compassion arises for this striving me that tries so hard and keeps running into the same brick walls.

In releasing into Authentic Self air fills my Heart…  muscles relax, the tiny ones around the mouth and the heart. No straining left. Instead a joy that trickles and percolates, watering my parched lips and thirsty soul. I speak when words can convey a message that calls to be heard. I am silent when silence is the key. I dance when rhythm and melody — be it inner or outer — stream through fingers and toes; I sing when a tune seeks to lighten and join, when song bursts forth, when music calls for more music.

Relief. Sweet Relief. Life does make sense. Life is exquisite — in quiet and in loud, in soft and hard, in action and rest, firm and fluid, in laughter and in pain.

Exquisite. And for this I give thanks with every breath that passes through and on. Humbled to be a part of. Grateful for tasting this life adventure — in touch with Life itself.

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