Integral Parenting

All the dimensions, challenges and opportunities that come alive in looking at the parenting journey through an integral lens make it one of the most radically transformative experiences available! Please join us in exploring and putting into action a more conscious way of parenting, one in which we bring our whole Selves to the task so that we can meet and be present to our Children in the fullest way possible.

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Integral Spotlight: Parenting as a Spiritual Practice | Miriam Mason Martineau from Integral Life on Vimeo.

Many parents are awestruck by the responsibility of raising a child. Overwhelmed by vastly different schools of parenting wisdom, and struggling to forge a path that honors themselves and nurtures their children.  How can we hold the truths of such varied perspectives to raise our children with the most consciousness, love, and creativity we can muster?  How can we raise the bar for ourselves as parents while forgiving our very human limitations?

Miriam Mason Martineau has spent over 20 years asking such questions: as a researcher, integral practitioner, and mother.  And has found that the practice of parenting undergoes a radical shift when placed in a new context: an integral, evolutionary perspective.

Today she’ll share with us some gems that both light up how we might “parent the future” as well point to the “future of parenting”.

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Parenting as a Spiritual Practice Virtual Course: now available as a self-directed version!

A community learning experience facilitated by Miriam Mason Martineau.

Experience the full potential of parenthood: a transformative vessel for evolving yourself, your child, and the future.

Join us for this transformative, 8-week online course! Together we will explore this new frontier in the parenting adventure.  From meta-perspectives to daily practices, we’ll discover just how powerful this integral-evolutionary context can be in creating the fullest, richest, most loving parenting practice.  Raise the bar for how you show up as a parent, and provide your child with the very best foundation for being a loving, creative, conscious being — while discovering an unshakeable ease amidst the inevitable ups, downs, and doubts of parenting.

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This talk features Miriam Mason Martineau and Clarie Zammit discussing Parenting as a profound form of long-term activism and transformation.

Miriam Martineau: Spritual Motherhood

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