Each moment an eternity



I am just back from the most glorious, deep and inspiring gathering of integral educators on Whidbey Island in Washington. Beneath the cedars and a bright moon, we explored many facets of what it means to bring an integral vision forward into the work of teaching and learning. There were exquisite moments, and so much energy and talent and wisdom present in a group that came from all across the continent and around the world.

There was stillness and laughter and poetry and a deepening of the calling we all feel. There was stretching and conversation and dancing, listening and sharing and inquiring into the mystery. It’s such a magnificent presence that I don’t want it to end, and of course it never does – I find such reassurance in the knowledge that the space that was created there remains just as it is always, shining forth from right there through all time. What was created and begun offers not only the new connections and friends and possibilities and openings to what is to come, it also continues to simply be right there in time and space holding all the depth and connection and presence that came through in that gathering.

I hold that same sense in my teaching: every day, every class, each conversation that is shared remains in its time and place and continues to reach out both forwards and backwards in time. We should not underestimate the reach and influence of every interaction, the ever present and subtle ways that they continue to be present always. We might experience these moments unfolding as ephemeral, arising and then disappearing in passing time. But from another perspective, they simply remain as a lasting part of a never ending present. From this view, we are all, in the words of Maurice Nicoll, always laboring in the field of Now. In this light, we are every moment working at the edge of creation, and laying down the tracks and building the foundation for that which simply is.

So, when each moment is an eternity, nothing is ever lost. At the same time, every moment is charged with a potential and possibility waiting to be realized, a potential so far reaching that it surely asks us to wake up, to bring as much awareness as possible to how we are creating this eternal presence. That recognition changes my sense of my teaching practice with the constant reminder that everything is important and priceless and also ordinary and full of simple suchness.

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