Exploring our collective evolution

In the realm of integral understanding, the sense of WE holds a central place in the fundamental four quadrants of perspective taking. Beyond its simple use as a pronoun to express the perspectives of the first person plural, the word points to all of the aspects of shared understanding that arise from a deep exploration of intersubjective awareness. One reason this particular domain holds so much interest is the recognition that growth and evolution of our collective consciousness rests on a particularly significant edge right now for our time. As we confront the extraordinary changes and challenges of a post-industrial, highly technologized, twenty-first century, we find that our skill in meeting each other and achieving new dimensions in the ground of our connectedness holds the key to meaningful progress in nearly every arena. We might ask, “What does shared purpose look like in the integral space of heart, mind and spirit ?”

It is not entirely surprising that individual evolution might lead human development at a pace well ahead of concomitant growth in the collective realm. As individuals begin to recognize more of their whole potential as living, breathing beings, there is a natural movement towards engaging practices that catalyze further growth and development.

Physical practices, spiritual practices, intellectual and creative practices stretch the individual and open up levels of depth and capacity. We are actively seeking a kind of health and well-being that goes way beyond simple self-satisfaction.

But what of our mutuality ? We are perhaps as a planet far less skilled in understanding how to come together and support the growth of more meaningful and sustainable collectives. As we deepen our practice, we have come to understand ourselves more fully in our individual nature, but we still seek a place where a similar unfolding can begin to take form in community, in relationship to the collective.

We might think of collective consciousness or collective intelligence as the place where we begin to catch up in our wider social and interpersonal relationships to the territories that we have opened up on our own. In this realm, we enter the delicate and still emerging discernment of giving shared voice to that which arises both within us and between us, that which enters into the space of our being fully with all that transcends us and binds us simultaneously.

The space of integral community is a rich and dynamic territory, and one that can experience its own evolving sequence of increasing complexity, nuance and depth. It is perhaps one of the most exciting and one of the most important edges in our growth and unfolding as a human family. If we are creators writing the cosmic music of this infinite composition, this might be the newest movement in a symphony that will continue to play for eons. We are called to take part in the great collaboration that grows out of this particular moment in our shared history.

The Integral Community Seminar offers an opportunity to both explore and experience the potential of collective evolution. Through practice, dialogue, exercises and shared creative spaces, the week will open up a new set of possibilities through our direct experience of the ground we can share in a space of trust and depth.

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