Thomas Huebl

Thomas Huebl will be present with us VIA SKYPE — bridging and co-creating community with us from Tel Aviv all the way to the Sunshine Ranch! Thomas was born in Vienna in 1971. As a 26-year-old medical student who was also very interested in bodywork and related therapies, he felt a strong inner calling. He took the radical step of following this inner wish, abandoning his studies and spending the next four years in retreat in the Czech Republic. During this time he did almost nothing except meditate and explore the spaces of inner consciousness. Looking back on this time, Thomas speaks of a fundamental opening that took place.

After returning to Vienna, he started offering one-to-one sessions. His ability to touch people very deeply and encourage them to take a look beyond what they usually see soon led to invitations to lead larger workshops.

His popularity then grew further and he became known internationally. Since 2004 Thomas has been active worldwide, organising talks, workshops, trainings, tonings and larger events such as the immensely popular Celebrate Life Festival or his Healing Events which have brought together thousands of Germans with many Israelis to acknowledge, face, and heal the cultural shadow left by the Holocaust. When he is not travelling, he lives in Berlin together with his partner, the Israeli artist Yehudit Sasportas.

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