Community Seminar 2012

Coming together to experience Integral Community and take our next Collective Step!

Future dates and location to be announced ~ registration currently closed

We are alive at a unique time in our human history…

…a time that calls us to come together like never before, that asks of us to be more creative than we’ve ever been, and that demands of us a deeper and broader understanding of the complex dynamics and potential of human relationships. We are alive at a time when creating meaningful, genuine community is not just a personal desire or option, but essential for our shared humanity to continue to evolve and flourish.

We now have, probably for the first time, a sufficient number of people who are reaching a level of evolution and integration necessary to create authentic integral community. Building on many individual as well as collective efforts, people are now awakening to integral consciousness with a genuine commitment to their own growth and awakening, combined with a sincere care and concern for the greater Whole.

We invite you to join us in deepening and expanding Integral Community at our Next Step Integral Community seminar 2012  in beautiful Colorado!

This seminar will empower and equip you with the awareness, skills and discernment necessary to wisely and sustainably engage in community building at this next level. You will discover what unique role you have to play and how you can contribute to this emergence.

We will explore questions and learn about topics, such as:

  • What does an integral evolutionary collective look like, and feel like?
  • What are the developmental stages that groups evolve through?
  • What elements need to be in place for stage transition to occur in a collective?
  • How can we be aware and effectively work with collective shadow, as well as individual shadow?
  • What does authentic relationship and intimacy require from each of us?
  • The critical role integral community plays in co-creating the future of our world.
  • The practices I and We need to engage in order to more fully serve the emerging potential of authentic integral community in our midst.

It is time for the “We” to evolve.

What if our ability to come together beyond our personal self is key to our species’ continued evolution? What if our individual evolution is directly linked with the evolution of our species as a whole? And what if authentic community is required to break through later stages of development?

The conversation and practices in evolutionary and integral circles to date have focused mainly on the development of the individual, and the teaching of tools and practices to help the individual evolve. This conversation has been, and will remain absolutely necessary. For when we speak of integral community we are talking about a community that is dependent on a significant degree of individuation and integration, so as not to collapse into any forms of tribal or cultic collective tendencies. Individual development is also essential because authentic integral community requires a high degree of self-awareness, and intra- as well as interpersonal discernment, in order for integrity, intimacy, and leadership to flourish without any under- and overtones of narcissism, self-aggrandisement, or self-identification.

Building on the evolution of the individual, we now add to the conversation and exploration a real focus on the “We”: What is the next step for the “We”? And how can we contribute to its healthy unfolding and evolution?

Integral Community does not grow out of a personal need or neediness; it grows out of an authentic readiness to come together with others to explore and discover how full agency and communion can coexist and give rise to a greater Voice and Love than we have witnessed before.

Imagine what becomes possible when we raise our human experience and expression by an octave, what new tunes we might hear, what different melodies might fill our hearts, what inspired songs we might share… If you are curious to explore this and find out, please consider joining us at our Integral Community Seminar, August 2012, in the gorgeous Colorado mountains! We would love to meet you and find out what your unique self adds to the emerging collective of kindred spirits ready and willing to take next steps in the evolution of the collective, of the “We”.

Lifting the quest for and exploration of authentic integral community to the next level

Since it inception in 2002, and building upon a decade of community living before that, Next Step Integral holds at its very core the inspiration and commitment to manifest and embody integral consciousness individually and collectively. We have researched and practiced the “ingredients” and “recipe” that enable “Togetherness”, this “We-consciousness” to come alive, not just as a state experience, but as a stable sustained stage. It is possible, surprisingly simple, and available. It is extraordinary and yet quite normal. It takes a lot, requires a deep wakefulness, and a sincere commitment to the Sacred. We are very excited about offering you a seminar that lies at the very center of our mission and calling as an organization. We love what happens through the combination of a powerful, deeply caring and inspiring seminar container and the incredible participants who show up each year, and we are very curious to see how we might all together lift the quest for and exploration of authentic integral community to the next level.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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