Seminar Sponsors

We deeply appreciate our sponsors and the collaborative spirit with which they support this seminar!

Please take a moment to read about their important work. For integral consciousness to really take foot upon this planet it’s going to take us ALL and more!


Pacific Integral is both a company and a community committed to the conscious evolution of individuals and organizations. Their work catalyzes the essential thought, spirit and action to create transformative change that dramatically increases personal and organizational effectiveness.

Their landmark program Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems, is an intensive learning experience for integral change leaders that provides a platform from which students can create their own transformation to a greater level of service, success, and fulfillment.

Generating Transformative Change in Human Systemsconsists of two interlocking 9-month programs, both offered as Professional Certificate Programs through the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) at Bastyr University.  To find out more about Pacific Integral >>

Bay Area Integral (BAI) is creating and celebrating a vibrant, thriving community of Integral practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area. We do this by hosting speaking events with respected teachers and authors, and by helping to form practice groups (Integral sanghas) that provide ongoing support for those who want to live a more Integral life.

The goal of the BAI site is to be THE source of Integral info. and resources in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the North Bay, the East Bay, the Peninsula, Silicon Valley.  In addition to BAI sponsored events, we list events sponsored by other groups that have an Integral focus.  We also list significant events outside the Bay Area. To find out more about Bay Area Integral >>

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