I witnessed a field of communion quite unlike any other I’d experienced, and as the sun slowly set and cast its shadows throughout the room, I felt a certain inner peace that humans will indeed find a way to evolve beyond our current predicament, and that the Earth will one day find the salvation it deserves.

~ Trevor Malkinson, Vancouver, Canada

Words alone are an inadequate transmission of what was created and witnessed at the Integral Community Seminar, but they ask for expression regardless: mutual evocation, wonder, openness in communion, creative joy, recognition, awe, alignment with and surrender into the homecoming and purpose of the super-organism of which we are the shimmering cells and organs, grace.

~ Lauren Worsh, Seattle, WA

The Next Step Integral Community seminar left me with a whole new perspective on what it means to be in community. I have more courage now to step into communing with a group of people in a way that fosters collective growth, evolution, authenticity and space for me to fully express my individuality as well. As my first “Integral” event, I was blown away by the calibre of leadership present. These folks are seriously walking their talk! I feel blessed and excited to be co-creating this vision of a world united through true community. Thank you, Next Step!

~ Kim Carpenter, Nelson, Canada

“I walked away from Next Step’s Integral Community seminar with a deeper, more embodied understanding of what  community means – plus some very practical skills for manifesting that understanding in the world. I’ve been studying community for decades, so this is really saying something!”

~ Karen Litfin, UW professor, Whidbey Island, USA

I came to take the ‘Next Step’ in my life, my practice, my career. Little did I know it would be a Giant Leap!

~ Robert Lapp, Associate Professor, Mount Allison University, New Brunswick, Canada

The seminar supports the movement into really, deeply becoming human and using that depth to move more lovingly in the world.

~ Susan Hurley, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

This week was full of polarities – simple but complex, tiring but exhilarating, empty but full. I learned to find the still point and hold all of these…thank you!

~ Wendy Johnson Brown, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Coming from rural Midwest, I left Kansas and followed the yellow brick road. Oh My! Home will never be the same.

~ Cheryl Geske, Amherst, Wisconsin

My Understanding, my spiritual practice and my ability to love are strengthen by these seminars every year

~ Stefan Locher, Seattle, WA

I leave the seminar feeling like a missing piece in my life has been filled.

~ Susan Wilcox, CSJ, Director of Campus Ministry, Brooklyn, NY

These folks walk the talk BIG TIME!

~ Ian Wight, Victoria, BC

This seminar is a rare and precious opportunity to experience integral life in community.

~ Nick Boyar, Ithaca, NY

Before this event, I knew a lot about Integral theory but I had never truly embodied it as a personal practice. This wonderful retreat has made integral thinking a part of me and given me a community of people to walk forward with.

~ Chris Riedy, Research Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures, Australia

Next Step Integral creates a powerful container for learning and development that not only provides exceptional content but also inspires and lifts the spirits of participants.

~ Richard Samuda, Vancouver, BC

This was very hard work on many levels, but completing the seminar has recharged my battery giving me a renewed sense of power and purpose for my work in community development and sustainability.

~ Melody Petlock, New Brunswick, Canada

An integral learning ecology par excellence; where shifts happen; meshing the inner and outer landscapes that frame and fuel us; spiritual activism in service to evolution; wholeness—in body, mind, soul and spirit.

~ Ian Wight, Head of the Department of City Planning,University of Winnipeg, Canada

It helped me reach a point of emotional openness that I haven’t felt with a group before. The support I received in that circle of people with me at that time, I will remember FOREVER!

~ Anne Roda, Plant Ecologist, Seattle

During the seminar I felt cared for and validated for who I am. I not only learned a lot, I also experienced and embodied a way of life I want to carry forward in my life. I feel a huge sense of community and support that will continue.

~ Teresa Anderson, 3rd Grade Teacher, Utah

I recommend this seminar because it work’s on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. A great way to get re-inspired and filled up with good ideas and practical applications. See you next time!

~ Anouk Brack, Founder Experience Integral, Netherlands

As a teacher suffering burn out the last two years of searching has helped my personal and spiritual life, but not my teaching practice. This conference has profoundly impacted both. Now instead of coping with my work by placing value at home, I can show up fully in all areas of my life.

~ Ryan Pleune, Maryland

This seminar allowed for a great expansion in me to feel inspired and connected. It was great to turn an intention into an embodied reality.

~ Nick Cederlind, San Francisco, CA

I am very grateful to have had this experience. I come back home full of inspiration, new ideas, and a sense of community. The presenters have been an example of embodiedment, presence and wisdom.

~ Clara Pavon, Madrid, Spain

The shared intention and energy of the collective, the resonance in our lives an in our longings, the encouragement, acceptance and support of the sangha watered many precious seeds.

~ Meg O’Shaughnessy, Facilitator Compassionate Communication, San Francisco

Highly recommended for anyone wanting to take the next step in their personal and professional development. My sense of purpose in service of All Beings has been renewed and the path ahead has begun to be illuminated so yet another step will be possible.

~ Richard England, Austin, Texas

On my third seminar the experience is as a gathering of a tribe, my tribe, coming together and entering into a transformative and generative structure.

~ Tom Murray, Consultant, Massachusett

The flow, the connectedness of the event and the people were INCREDIBLE!

~ Catherine Gee, Bell Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada

The planning organization and HEART of this event was superior in every way. You have enriched my body, mind, soul and spirit. Many Thanks!

~ Julie Smith, Program Coordinator, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska

An event that opened the heart, mind, Spirit and body… an invitation to live an Integral Life!

~ Anne Adams, Consultant, Half Moon Bay, CA

Thanks for the chance to no longer feel isolated and alone.

~ Aline Wilkie, principal, teacher and doctoral student at the University of Regina, Regina, SK, Canada

The place was full of light, dance, laughter, warmth, love, the week was thoroughly inspiring… a gift!

~ Kaya Brandt, Finland

I woke up buzzing today, feeling renewed! The seminar touched body, mind, soul and spirit, I learned so much and expanded my awareness.

~ Laurel Andrews, Seattle, WA

This is exactly what I have been waiting for my entire life, it took until I was 16 years old to discover what it was I needed and another 13 years (and a trip half way around the globe) to find it.

~ Andrew Suttar, 29 years old, Beaconsfield, Australia

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