Integral Community Program

Evolving the WE ~ What does it take to truly come together?

~ A course on Integral Community, Individual Awakening and Authentic Relating ~

Dates coming soon, will be held in Nelson BC!

Cost: $80/person; $120/couple.  Pre-registration required; limited spaces.

For more info:

Tel.: (250) 355-2206; Email:

We will explore, learn about, and practice:

  • Discerning within ourselves the difference between our authentic core Self and our constructed persona, and making conscious choices about where we come from within ourselves in each interaction.
  • What it takes in each of us to be available to and contributing to the evolution of the Whole.
  • Meeting one another authentically, bringing full Presence, deep Listening and Attentiveness to the other. What emerges and becomes possible in the shared Field?
  • Types, developmental lines and levels… and how each of us is a marvelousl
    y unique human being
    (& human becoming) and can participate actively in co-creating the future.
  • What arises when we gather together in authentic Presence, what new possibilities emerge from the Weave that We Are?
  • Community and relationship within an evolutionary context—what do collectives and relationships feel like, act like, and serve like, when they are poised on their own growing edge?

The course is made up of experiential, explorative, practical and theoretical components.

Course facilitators: Stephan Martineau and Miriam Mason Martineau >>

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