Integral Community Seminar 2011

August 9th to 14th, 2011

Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island, WA

We are alive at a unique time in our human history…

…a time that calls us to come together like never before, that asks of us to be more creative than we’ve ever been, and that demands of us a deeper and broader understanding of the complex dynamics and potential of human relationships. We are alive at a time when creating meaningful, genuine community is not just a personal desire or option, but essential for our shared humanity to continue to evolve and flourish.

We now have, probably for the first time, a sufficient number of people who are reaching a level of evolution and integration necessary to create authentic integral community. Building on many individual as well as collective efforts, people are now awakening to integral consciousness with a genuine commitment to their own growth and awakening, combined with a sincere care and concern for the greater Whole.

We invite you to join us in the very first Integral Community seminar on beautiful Whidbey Island!

Featured FACULTY:

  • Stephan Martineau

    Stephan Martineau is the founder and President of Next Step Integral, the hosting organization of this seminar. At the very center of Next Step Integral’s vision and mission is the creation of authentic integral community. Stephan’s lifelong passion and pursuit is to bring integral visions into action, to move beyond ideas and discussions and theorizing to actually doing and being this emerging consciousness.

    Stephan spent five years visiting intentional communities, spiritual communities, ashrams, and monasteries and studying the dynamics between individual and collective flourishing and evolution present in them. Following this, he founded an intentional, integrally informed community in 1992, and lived and taught there for a decade. This community was founded with the specific intent and vision of exploring and discovering what becomes possible when participants share an evolutionary contract together and are committed to coming together in service to the greater Whole. Since then he has continued to create transformative community and educational events internationally, as well as teach courses on integral community and integral parenting.

    Stephan also works as an integral consultant for not-for-profit organizations, and has worked in watershed management, ecosystem-based planning and community development since 1993. He is the president and business manager of the Slocan Integral Forestry Cooperative (SIFCo), that manages a 35,000-acre community forest in the Slocan Valley, BC, where he successfully spearheaded an integral approach to a multi-stakeholder situation in one of BC’s most contentious areas in regards to forestry practices in Canada.

  • Terry Patten

    Terry Patten is a leading voice in the emerging fields of integral evolutionary leadership and spirituality. In his inspiring writings, talks, and teachings, he not only evokes transcendental awakening, love, and freedom, but also calls us to accept and incarnate our full humanity. This expresses itself in a profound sense of purpose, spiritual inspiration, and evolutionary activism.

    Terry is a faculty member in the Integral Executive Leadership programs at Notre Dame University, a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and serves on the board of the Wellsprings Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom. He holds degrees from the University of Michigan and John F. Kennedy University.

    He worked with Ken Wilber and a core team at Integral Institute to develop Integral Life Practice, which distills ancient and modern practices into an intelligent contemporary transformational lifestyle. Earlier, for 15 years, he undertook a life of intensive spiritual discipline in the monastic setting of Vision Mound Seminary. Upon leaving he founded the catalog company Tools For Exploration, which defined the field of consciousness technologies. Terry is also a social entrepreneur involved in supporting restorative redwood forestry. As an entrepreneur and consultant he has worked for twenty years to help leaders bring higher consciousness into practical actions that transform complex human systems. He is also a teacher, coach and consultant who travels widely, challenging and connecting leading-edge individuals and organizations worldwide.

    Integral Spiritual Practice integrates the insights earned during Terry’s decades of intensive spiritual practice with those from his years as an entrepreneur and grassroots activist. In his current work, he is helping to articulate an authentic spirituality that illuminates the vital relationship between sincere care, discriminative intelligence, personal responsibility, and spiritual awakening.

    A coach, consultant, teacher, and author of four books, Terry lives in Marin County near San Francisco, CA. He is the author, with Ken Wilber, of Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening.

    For more info on Terry’s work, go

  • Miriam Mason Martineau

    Miriam Mason Martineau’s formal training lies in the areas of psychology, dance, choreography, and voice. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Zurich, with a specialization in Youth and Child Psychology, and is also a certified teacher of Laban Modern Dance, as well as a singer and vocal instructor.

    She is vice-president of Next Step Integral, an organization that applies integral consciousness to parenting, education, ecology, and community. For the past 15 years Miriam has studied and researched how parenting can be pursued as a spiritual practice. She sees parenting as one of our greatest opportunities for personal growth and evolutionary activism. This has led her to offering courses on the topic, working as a coach for parents, and writing a book (forthcoming) titled Raising the Future — an Integral Evolutionary Approach to Parenting.

    Miriam is also a private practice integral psychotherapist, and her interest in peak performance, vitality and integral leadership building have led her to her work with Univera, a cutting-edge international nutraceutical company. She also leads workshops on authentic voice and movement, and has performed both as a soloist and in a variety of choirs such as the Swiss National Television Choir. From 1992-2002 Miriam lived in an integrally-informed intentional community and there honed the skills of group facilitation, conflict resolution and generative dialogue.

  • John Gruber

    John Gruber, M.S., holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and a graduate degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy. As an undergraduate faculty scholar at Brown University he worked to integrate studies in biology, geology and environmental science, and received the C.F. Ma Research Fellowship for Natural Products research as a graduate student. In 2001, he was a Teacher Recognition Awardee in the United States Presidential Scholars Program. As a science teacher and long-time student of evolutionary biology and natural history he is particularly interested in ways to apply integral thinking to the secondary school classroom. Having taught a botany seminar for twelve years, John uses that particular class as an experimental ground, a place to explore the application of integral approaches to teaching with a group of willing and interested students. He emphasizes field-work, experimental observation, and direct perception alongside conceptualization in his science courses, and continues to develop ways to build interior and exterior experiences into his science teaching.

    In addition to his work and research as an educator and administrator, he is involved in an active research program in insect ecology and systematic biology of moth species.

    John is one of the directors of Next Step Integral, and currently he also serves as Chairman of the Upper School Science Department and the Director of the Summer Science Institute at Friends’ Central School, an independent Quaker day school where he has taught for sixteen years.

  • Geoff Fitch

    Geoff is founder, faculty, consultant and coach at Pacific Integral, where he helps create and teach GTC, their transformative leadership certificate program, and leads organizational change efforts for organizational clients. Prior to PI, he worked for 18 years in the high-tech industry, in product development, brand management, and strategy. For over thirty years, an avid student of business, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. Geoff is also a passionately engaged parent of two teenaged boys. You can read more about Geoff’s work >>

This seminar will empower and equip you with the awareness, skills and discernment necessary to wisely and sustainably engage in community building at this next level. You will discover what unique role you have to play and how you can contribute to this emergence.

We will explore questions and learn about topics, such as:

  • What does an integral evolutionary collective look like, and feel like?
  • What are the developmental stages that groups evolve through?
  • What elements need to be in place for stage transition to occur in a collective?
  • How can we be aware and effectively work with collective shadow, as well as individual shadow?
  • What does authentic relationship and intimacy require from each of us?
  • The critical role integral community plays in co-creating the future of our world.
  • The practices I and We need to engage in order to more fully serve the emerging potential of authentic integral community in our midst.

It is time for the “We” to evolve.

What if our ability to come together beyond our personal self is key to our species’ continued evolution? What if our individual evolution is directly linked with the evolution of our species as a whole? And what if authentic community is required to break through later stages of development?

The conversation and practices in evolutionary and integral circles to date have focused mainly on the development of the individual, and the teaching of tools and practices to help the individual evolve. This conversation has been, and will remain absolutely necessary. For when we speak of integral community we are talking about a community that is dependent on a significant degree of individuation and integration, so as not to collapse into any forms of tribal or cultic collective tendencies. Individual development is also essential because authentic integral community requires a high degree of self-awareness, and intra- as well as interpersonal discernment, in order for integrity, intimacy, and leadership to flourish without any under- and overtones of narcissism, self-aggrandisement, or self-identification.

Building on the evolution of the individual, we now add to the conversation and exploration a real focus on the “We”: What is the next step for the “We”? And how can we contribute to its healthy unfolding and evolution?

Integral Community does not grow out of a personal need or neediness; it grows out of an authentic readiness to come together with others to explore and discover how full agency and communion can coexist and give rise to a greater Voice and Love than we have witnessed before.

Imagine what becomes possible when we raise our human experience and expression by an octave, what new tunes we might hear, what different melodies might fill our hearts, what inspired songs we might share… If you are curious to explore this and find out, please consider joining us at our first-ever Integral Community Seminar, August 2011, at beautiful Whidbey Institute! We would love to meet you and find out what your unique self adds to the emerging collective of kindred spirits ready and willing to take next steps in the evolution of the collective, of the “We”.

Lifting the quest for and exploration of authentic integral community to the next level

Since it inception in 2002, and building upon a decade of community living before that, Next Step Integral holds at its very core the inspiration and commitment to manifest and embody integral consciousness individually and collectively. We have researched and practiced the “ingredients” and “recipe” that enable “Togetherness”, this “We-consciousness” to come alive, not just as a state experience, but as a stable sustained stage. It is possible, surprisingly simple, and available. It is extraordinary and yet quite normal. It takes a lot, requires a deep wakefulness, and a sincere commitment to the Sacred. We are very excited about offering you a seminar that lies at the very center of our mission and calling as an organization. We love what happens through the combination of a powerful, deeply caring and inspiring seminar container and the incredible participants who show up each year, and we are very curious to see how we might all together lift the quest for and exploration of authentic integral community to the next level.

More about the Integral Community Seminar

This seminar will explore what it takes in each of us to be present to and to contribute to an authentic integral collective. We will also be looking at what arises from such a collective, what it points to and expresses itself as.

You will learn the nuts and bolts of creating community from the ground up, as well as the necessary skills and discernment when already in some form of community and wanting to bring integral presence and perspective to an existing system and culture.

Integral Community offers answers to the question, “What can community be at its very best, when it embodies the fullest, most inspiring potential of coming together with others ?” An integral approach to community recognizes the many different perspectives present in any collective setting and holds a meta-perspective to incorporate as many different truths as possible. At the same time, a fully integral community honors goodness and beauty in the areas of ethics, justice, aesthetics, art and spirit.

The seminar program will facilitate our own interior development and continuing growth as we engage in exploring what the development of the collective looks like. It will offer examples of how to create meaningful community experiences that actively engage multiple elements of the integral framework. We will reflect on the ways that developmental lines and levels show up in community, the ways that we can light up the interior and exterior dimensions, as well as the individual and collective ones in the design of integral community and in the ways we collaborate and create to evolve the We. We will explore the importance of authentic integral community in this day and age, and also touch on the significance of the physical spaces in which community takes place.

Our time together will offer a breadth of insight and a depth of presence, in the company of some of the most deeply thoughtful and experienced educators in the integral movement. This integral community program is explicitly designed to offer all of the participants an experience of integral community in the ways that we will move through the seminar and experience first-hand what becomes possible when we come together beyond the personal, while including each person’s unique gifts and contributions.

Seminar Purpose and Content >>

The Seminar as a Whole will:

  • offer and apply a context, a framework, perspectives, tools and practices that help us orient ourselves in any collective setting, especially in ones that require authenticity, integrity and intimacy;
  • share practical, real-life experiences of creating community in the world – both in-person and virtual – as integral evolutionary activists;
  • provide an experience of integral “being and doing” – in relationship to ourselves, others, and in the world at large. Our time together at the seminar will offer an actual experience of integral authentic community, while also exploring how this effects broader issues for the planet;
  • articulate perspectives and generate effective next steps that each of us can bring home and build upon in our day-to-day lives wherever we are at work in the field of creating and contributing to community;
  • offer ample opportunities for self-reflection and development, in other words readying ourselves to be ever more available to our true self and to authentic evolutionary community;
  • and most of all, explore what participating in integral community means in practice.

Also, the seminar will draw on the skills and knowledge of all present and offer some open space for participants to share their own experiences with bringing an integral perspective and presence to community and their work in the world. Integral practice in any field is ultimately about being integral, rather than knowing integral. As people who are passionate about the power of community, and evolving its next steps, we need to become the change we wish to see, and we invite you to join us in this exciting journey of discovery and growth.

And last, but not least, we intend to have the very best of times! Surrounded by natural beauty, colleagues, and new friends, and exploring next steps to be taken within ourselves and within this vast field of co-creating community and authentic relationship in the beautiful world that surrounds us, we shall gather for a dynamic and profound week of growth, practice, study, and self-inquiry. We look forward to seeing you there!



  • Arrival DAY – Tuesday, August 9th


    “I was born with potential,
    I was born with goodness and trust,
    I was born with ideals and dreams,
    I was born with wings,
    I was not meant for crawling, so I won’t,
    I have wings,
    I will learn to use them and fly!”


    4pm – Registration opens

    5:30-6:45pm – Supper

    7-9pm – Welcoming session “EMBARKING TOGETHER” ~Next Step team

    When you travel, a new silence goes with you,
    And if you listen, you will hear
    What you heart would love to say.
    May you travel in an awakened way, gathered wisely into your inner ground;
    That you may not waste the invitations
    Which wait along the way to transform you.

    John O’Donohue

    DAY 1– Wednesday, August 10th – The “I”

    Collaborative verse – Articulating our relationship to the ever-present Now
    ~ John Gruber
    The Whidbey Institute grounds are criss-crossed with beautiful trails through majestic forest and grassy meadows. In this morning practice, we will begin with a meditative walk into the outdoor spaces at Whidbey, settling into one location to sink fully into the morning presence and write one verse individually that expresses the moment. Then, returning to the Sanctuary, we will extend the writing with a collaborative element, using a “link and shift” method to explore how we receive, honor, respond to, and connect with that which is while also making a shift and offering our own unique vision, truth, and perspective.

    8:00-8:45am BREAKFAST


    Cosmic Inheritance: an Evolutionary Context for this Moment ~ John Gruber

    Part of realizing our whole selves includes recognizing our cosmic inheritance, that which has led us to this present moment of consciousness. In our opening session, we will ground this moment and our work together by exploring the span of our journey, the nature of opportunity and responsibility, and our own relationship to the present unfolding of awareness. We will inquire individually into that which has brought us to this particular place and time and set a course for our work together through the rest of the seminar.

    Self as Instrument for Evolution ~ Stephan and Miriam Martineau

    We will explore and practice individual capacities and readiness required for Community to take its Next Step. What does it take in us to become present to and contribute to the evolution of consciousness itself? As Teilhard de Chardin points out, this cosmic enterprise now hangs on our decision, on our free will to engage and participate: we are evolution.

    Noon-1:45pm LUNCH (offering an introduction to Integral Theory for those new to or curious about this perspective over lunch, location TBA)

    2-4pm – Integral Life Practice ~ Terry Patten

    In this session, Terry Patten – who co-developed Integral Life Practice with Ken Wilber and the original core team at Integral Institute – will shine light on how Integral Practice is the personal “how” of evolving a higher “We”. ILP integrates ancient spiritual wisdom with modern scientific clarity, informed by the insights of post-modern philosophy and psychology. The result is a whole lot more than the sum of its parts, facilitating simple presence & availability—heartfelt, clear, and intelligent (rather than a grand complicated head-trip, even though it’s grounded in profoundly rigorous intellectual clarity). To build community, we need simple, direct ways we can be present inside a container big enough to support a path of awakening, a process for interrelating, and a heart of understanding. This will lay a foundation so we can engage our week together grounded in a healthy shared intention to cooperate in making meaningful contributions to our world.

    4-4:20pm – Zumba ! ~ Kim Carpenter

    Zumba is an exhilarating, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people around the world toward joy and health. Created to bring people together through movement regardless of culture or language, Zumba uses primarily visual cueing and energy-filled music to inspire and energize participants.

    4:30-5:15pm – Integration Groups

    Integration groups provide an opportunity to meet in small groups to share, reflect and integrate the days experiences.

    5:30-7pm – SUPPER & evening break

    7-9pm – Integral Shadow Practice – Diving down to bring more of you to Light ~ Jeff Jessum & Miriam Mason Martineau

    Our shadows – disowned, repressed or left behind aspects of ourselves that now reside in our unconscious – can trip us up and hold us back from bringing our full selves into relationships and community. Shadows cause painful symptoms and tend to sabotage spiritual growth, even in the most steadfast of practitioners. Making shadow work an integral part of our practice, we gradually become more whole, more transparent and trustworthy. This session introduces shadow, how to approach shadow integrally, bring it to light and integrate it, thereby releasing stores of Life energy we never knew we had and freeing us up to be more present to each other.

    DAY 2 – Thursday, August 11th – The “YOU”

    To meet at all, one must open one’s eyes to another; and there is no true conversation, no matter how many words are spoken, unless the eye, unveiled and listening, opens itself to the other.
    ~ Jessamyn West

    7-8am MORNING PRACTICE:Devotional Singing: Self as Instrument ~Miriam Mason Martineau

    Through singing together we invoke the universal language of Sound, while evoking our Self as Instrument. What harmonies and resonances arise when we contribute our whole-self sound? And how can singing be utilized as a devotional practice in community? We will find out by learning a few simple meditative chants and listening for the Sound that is brought forward when we each step into our own unique instrument and sing!

    8:00-8:45am BREAKFAST


    9:00-10am – Stepping into Relationship ~ Next Step & Pacific Integral

    Relationship is where the rubber hits the road – it is here that we developed all our survival strategies, our defences and ego patterns. We will explore how to make new tracks in the sand, discovering and practicing ways of being in relationship whereby our true self stays fully present and alive. We will include polarities work in this session as we delve into the realm of self and other.

    10-Noon – Conscious Communication ~ Thomas Huebl via skype

    Noon-1:45pm LUNCH

    2-4pm – Relational Toolkit and Practice ~ Next Step Team

    In this session, seven key relational awareness practices are shared that facilitate healthy integral relationships with self and other, and give rise to an evolutionary care, love and momentum. Geoff Fitch from Pacific Integral will then lead us in a group exercise to put all these practices into action and enable us to go deep and real together.

    4-4:20pm – Zumba ! ~ Kim Carpenter

    4:30-5:15pm – Integration Groups

    5:30-7pm – SUPPER & evening break

    7-9pm – From I to You to We

    Through a sharing circle, meditation, and deep listening and inquiry we will begin to touch into the WE that emerges when we each bring our truest self to the circle.

    DAY 3 – Friday, August 12th – The “WE”

    There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe. ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin~

    7-8am MORNING PRACTICE: Integral 3-D Workout ~Terry Patten

    Terry will lead us in the Integral 3-D Workout, which he evolved from the “3-Body Workout.” It’s called “3-D” because it feels alive and 3-Dimensional, AND because it engages 3 essential trinities of our being:
    • The first of these trinities is the 3 Bodies — the Gross Physical Body, the Subtle Energetic Body, and the Causal Body of Witness Consciousness.
    • The second trinity is our 3 Primary Bodily Centers: The Head, the Heart, and the Hara.
    • The third trinity is the 3 Faces of Spirit, the 3 perspectives through which we connect with the Mystery of Existence. There’s 3rd-person contemplation of the Mystery, 2nd-person communion with the Universal Beloved, and 1st-person Awakening as the “IAMness” or the Self of all things..
    So we’ll engage movement and feeling, communion and awakening, silence and stillness.

    8:00-8:45am BREAKFAST

    9am-noon EVOLVING THE WE

    9:00-11am – Waking up is Growing up: The Arising of Sacred Communities
    ~ Terri O’Fallon

    Autopoiesis is a fancy word for self-replication – a process that is largely unconscious. We find it at play when our car steers itself into the coffee stand every morning on the way to work, when we continually revisit the same thoughts over and over, when we all show up for Church Sunday morning or use Facebook, and when we engage in the same communal belief systems over and over. How do we use these automatic unconscious processes to grow our communities, to wake them up to their Sacred calling?

    11-Noon – The Next Step ~ Stephan Martineau

    We will learn about the historical context within which our next evolutionary step is held; as well we will take a look at the glimpses, experiments and initiatives underway to give a voice to this higher “We”. Stephan will present the nine essential ingredients to set the stage for the afternoon session in which we will dive into the exploration of a next-level coming together.

    Noon-1:45pm LUNCH

    2-4pm – Evolving the “We” – Collective Intelligence lab ~ Next Step Team

    This afternoon, we will practice coming together – in smaller and in larger groups – joining in deep inquiry and presence, and listening to what emerges when we gather with a focus on the WE that is made up of more than the sum total of each of us making up the circle. We will experiment and practice giving voice to our collective intelligence.

    4-4:20pm – Zumba ! ~ Kim Carpenter

    4:30-5:15pm – Integration Groups

    5:30-7pm – SUPPER & evening break


    • “Nuts and Bolts” of Intentional Communities ~ Stephan Martineau
    • Co-creating Virtual Community ~ Terri O’Fallon & Pacific Integral participants

    8:15-9:30pm – Earthanima: All our Relations ~ Thomas Arthur

    A playful and collaborative exploration re-enchanting our connections with Earth and each Other. Part contemplative performance with digital film projections and part creative inquiry into the unspoken voices of our planet, Earthanima opens space for a direct experience of beauty, breath, community and creative flow.

    DAY 4 – Saturday, August 13th – The “IT”

    7-8am MORNING PRACTICE: Integral Yoga ~Lauren Worsh

    This morning’s yoga practice will be an inquiry into the expanse of now. We will engage the body as a guide into presence, through radical acceptance, exploration of biomechanical precision, deep listening and compassionate challenge. The class will be physically appropriate for all levels, including those who have never done yoga. Please join us for a practice that is accessible, fun, and wonderfully balancing, vitalizing, and relaxing.

    8:00-8:45am BREAKFAST


    9-9:45am – Collective Shadow ~ Jeff Jessum & Miriam Mason Martineau

    Shadow manifests in indviduals, as well as in collectives. In this brief session we will look at collective shadow, how it shows up, what the particular shadow(s) of integral community may be and how we can work effectively with it. Community is a powerful catalyst for shadow work. And becoming aware of and doing onging collective shadow work is essential for healthy authentic community to flourish and thrive.

    9:45-10:45 – Living the Questions Together ~ Terry Patten

    It is said that we live in “an interesting time”. All of us alive in this moment in history have been given a profound, nearly unanswerable question by Life: How can we serve and contribute to a healthy existence for everyone, to a “healthy adaptive response” to a critical moment in evolution? What is our calling, our own unique offering as evolutionary activists, and our means for cooperating together as never before? At this point in the week, our most profound questions will have been asked, and it will be time to explore how we can “live the question” and be transformed by them together, even as they move us to action.


    • Elevating the Collective across multiple value systems and perspectives ~ Stephan Martineau
    • Embracing Compassionate Communication ~ Meg O’Shaughnessy
    • Parenting & Relationship within Community ~ Miriam Mason Martineau

    Noon-1:45pm LUNCH

    2-4pm INTEGRAL ACTION PLAN ~ Next Step Team

    Now is the time to ground the inspiration, the learning and growth this week has brought, and bring our ideas and new insights into action! Our Next Step Integral team will guide and accompany you in coming up with clear intentions and action steps on how you choose to move forward either within the existing collective(s) you are already a part of, or initiating new forms of community, or expanding and deepening your community networks. This is a hands-on session, fun and engaged!

    4-4:20pm – Zumba ! ~ Kim Carpenter

    4:30-5:15pm – Integration Groups

    5:30-7pm – SUPPER & evening break

    7:30-9:30pm – CELEBRATING COMMUNITY!

    • Talent Show
    • Music, Dance
    • Thomas Arthur Live

    DAY 5 – Sunday, August 14th – Onward & Upward!

    7-8am MORNING PRACTICE: Deepening the We-field ~ Jeff Jessum

    In this practice we will cultivate a deeper embodied awareness of the space we have collectively created during the course of our time together. We will explore the gross, subtle and causal qualities of this shared We-space. We will also experientially explore ways of extending what we have created together out into the wider communities we are a part of..

    8:00-8:45am BREAKFAST

    9am-Noon “BRIDGING HOME”

    9-9:15 Singing – Celebrate the Whole! ~ Everyone together

    9:15-10:30 – Elevating the Collective in Existing Communities ~ John Gruber
    Adaptive flexibility, skillful means, phenotypic plasticity – there are many expressions for how we can couple deep discernment with strategic action to engage a community or institution and help to elevate the collective functioning of the group. Focusing on our roles as catalytic agents for transformation, this session will center on how we can deepen our engagement and effectiveness in existing communities. We will explore the paradox of total acceptance and the never-ending reaching for change. In the center of all of it, we will highlight the role of a stance of inquiry, interest, and the central process of asking “what if” questions.
    10:30am – Noon

    • Evaluations/ feedback
    • Closing Circle, sharing the Blessings.

    Noon-1:45pm LUNCH

    May the long time Sun shine upon you,
    All love surround you,
    And the pure Light within you,
    Guide your way on.

    Irish Blessing

    Our original version of the schedule is below….

    Tuesday August 9th:

    The seminar will start at 7pm with a fun, warm-hearted orientation and welcoming session; a light snack will be served from 5:30pm until 6:45pm.

    Wednesday August 10th:

    We will begin the day by exploring the Context in which the “We” evolves in, the historical lineage that brings us to where we are today, and the promise and capacity that the evolution of the “We” holds.

    The day continues by looking into the foundational skills and perspectives that enable an individual to participate in this emergence. We will ask ourselves; What are the qualities of Being and Becoming that need to be present in each of us for a new collective stage to emerge on a global scale?

    We will also explore Integral Life Practices that sustain these foundational factors and we will go into the Shadow, those hidden aspects of ourselves that we need to recognize, face into and integrate/let go of to create the space necessary for this emergence to occur.

    Toward the end of the day we will share in collective practices, and gather in small groups to integrate the experiences, insights and questions of the day.

    Thursday August 11th

    We will invoke and evoke the consciousness that allows us to be present to that which is much greater than ourselves. This touching in will create a powerful orientation in us in relation to the collective. Together we will explore how can we fully be and become who we truly are, while participating in something that extends far beyond our individual selves.
    How can we embrace both Being and Becoming? How can we find the balance between the verticality of evolutionary spirituality/awakening and the horizontality of the journey toward ever greater health and flourishing?

    Authentic relationship, a foundational stone of collective evolution, will be explored and tools of discernment shared. Again today we will practice together, sit with ourintegration groups, and then dance the night away!

    Friday August 12th

    By now we will be tapping into a profound sense of being part of a Greater Whole, an emergent collective, where our unique selves can be fully present and alive. We will have met new friends and gone deeper together. We will also have explored areas in ourselves that we did not know were there and begin to get a real experiential sense of where we could go as a human family. What lies ahead is becoming clearer. We begin to understand the critical role integral community can play in co-creating the future of our world.

    Today we will begin to ground this exploration by looking into the following questions:

    * What are the developmental stages that groups evolve through?
    * What elements need to be in place for stage transition to occur in a collective?
    * The practices we need to engage in, in order to more fully serve the emerging potential of authentic integral community in our midst.
    * What are some of the experiments underway and how can we bring the insights gained back into our lives?

    Following our daily collective practices and time with our integration groups, we will gather together in an evening circle and explore/celebrate the shared space we have created.

    Saturday August 13th

    Saturday morning will be dedicated to the exploration of Collective Wisdom and Intelligence.

    In the afternoon we will discuss ways to bring our newly gained insights and experiences back home: What does Integral Community look like in our families, in our work environment, in the virtual world, in our parenting and relational engagements?

    We will also share our own experiences with the group and hear from people working on concrete examples around North-America and Europe (so far).

    In the evening we will celebrate together; and a sauna will be lit for those who would like to enjoy a sweat and cleanse.

    Sunday August 14th

    We will complete this gathering with a final inspirational session and group practice. A bagged lunch will be served and at noon the seminar comes to a close. We will go home ready to support and create Integral Community in our lives and work.

    We can’t wait to spend this time with all of you!


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