Glimpses of an emerging reality…

As a new and next step in consciousness emerges, it often makes itself initially known through glimpses, intuitions, yearnings and whisperings in the soul, through dreams and visions…

Christ: “Where two or three are gathered in my name I am amongst them.”
— Matthew 18:20

The harbingers of a new possibility, those who ‘see’ or sense that humanity is on the brink of a new discovery, begin to articulate – putting into words, poetry, expressing in various art forms, sharing, reflecting and communicating in myriad ways what is beckoning. And so, slowly, the various glimpses together begin to form a picture, and give us an idea of what it is that is brewing on the horizon… Below a few examples pointing in that direction, as well as some of the research available on this next step in human evolution:

“We can progress only by uniting: this, as we have seen, is the law of Life. But unification through coercion leads only to a superficial pseudo-unity. (…) Therefore it is inwardly that we must come together, and in entire freedom.(…) It is not a tete-à-tete or a corps-à-corps that we need; it is a heart-to-heart. (…) …the more I consider the fundamental question of the future of the earth, the more it appears to me that the generative principle of its unification is finally to be sought (…) in the common attraction exercised by a single Being. For…if the synthesis of the Spirit is to be brought about in its entirety (and this is the only possible definition of progress), it can only be done, in the last resort, through the meeting, center to center, of human units, such as can only be realized in universal, mutual love.”— Teilhard de Chardin

  • Transcript of interview with Father Thomas Keating, Snowmass Monastery, Colorado, USA. Read interview »

“A spiritualized society would live like its spiritual individuals, not in the ego, but in the spirit, not as the collective ego, but as the collective soul (…) A spiritualized society (…) would regard the peoples as group-souls, the Divinity concealed and to be self-discovered in its human collectivities, group-souls meant like the individual to grow according to their own nature and by that growth to help each other, to help the whole race in the one common work of humanity.”— Sri Aurobindo

“The new human community will be some kind of an entity, some kind of a Being. Just as the organism is a collective of molecules and the molecule is a collective of atoms. So if you can get human beings to share their characteristic human energy – which is agape, knowledge, concern, creativity, inventiveness, and all other kinds of strictly human energies that we have – all that interchange of energies binds us together into a community. And when the whole community experiences and practices this kind of love, the crisscrossing energies from a net, and the net is the New Being that can do what the individuals that it is composed of could not do.”— Beatrice Bruteau

“If God would come to this earth again, He would come as a group!”— J. L. Moreno