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Spiritual Motherhood: Parenting as an Evolutionary Path of Practice and Activism (Miriam Mason Martineau and Claire Zammit on “Women on the Edge of Evolution” series)

Click here to play:  Miriam Mason Martineau: Spiritual Motherhood

Evolutionary educator and mother, Miriam Mason Martineau, argues that the dichotomy many women experience between motherhood and self-actualization needs to be transcended, and motherhood itself needs to be radically re-contexualized within an evolutionary understanding of transformative parenting. In Miriam’s words, “My own experience and study points to the fact that motherhood is now one of the most potent and effective ways to drive evolution forward, both in ourselves, in our children, and subsequently in our world.”

Join us for an intimate dialogue with Miriam Mason Martineau, an educator and mother who has dedicated her life to re-defining the traditional limits of motherhood in order to uplift parenting as one of our greatest opportunities for personal growth and spiritual activism:

Click here to play:  Miriam Mason Martineau: Spiritual Motherhood

An Integral Approach to Parenting in the First Three Years of a Child’s Life: An Introduction by Miriam Mason Martineau (published in AQAL: Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 2007, 2 (4), 24-49.)

In this groundbreaking article on one of the most fundamental aspects of our being-in-the-world, artineau, who is herself a parent, explains what parenting looks like when situated in the AQAL framework. She provides a poetic narrative that wonderfully combines first- and second-person perspectives as they llustrate third-person dimensions of Integral Parenting. She goes on to describe how parenting can become the vehicle for an Integral Life Practice, especially in regards to the opportunities for spiritual growth and shadow work parenthood affords us. Lastly, Martineau discusses the role of Integral discipline as a means of challenging or supporting children in developmentally appropriate ways and outlines the evolutionary nature of parenting itself.

An Integral Approach to Parenting – Miriam Mason Martineau (254Kb PDF)

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