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Rediscover and work with the innate wisdom of your body!

This integrative weight release program is not a quick-fix solution. We are not here to help you loose weight quickly, only to find that as soon as you stop, it all comes right back. Rather, we are here to help and support you in finding a whole new relationship with your body and eating habits.

Our bodies do make sense! We have just lost our ability to listen to them, and they, in turn have become confused and give us signals of hunger or cravings, when really, they need a break and a recalibration, real nourishment, and an experience that we are not ‘against’ them, but are willing to work with their innate wisdom.

Our program facilitates healthy weight loss of 3 pounds per week. It is based on a superior biological value protein blend, incorporated into a unique, PH-regulating and energizing botanical, vitamin and mineral weight loss regimen.

We understand that releasing weight is not just about changing our physical habits; it also involves our feelings and how we think about ourselves. For this reason, you will be supported by a whole team that deeply cares about you and your success.

Our Vibrant-U Program includes the following:

> Your monthly weight release food system, which includes a large variety of delicious high biological value protein foods that have a very high absorption rate of 95%. These protein foods average 19 grams of protein per serving and contain all ten essential amino acids derived from isolates of whey, soy and/or albumin from eggs.

> All the supplements you need to ensure that you do not deplete your body, but actually get healthier on this program! The supplements provide you with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.

> Easy-to-follow info & guidance on select natural foods you may enjoy on this program.

> A weekly info and group support call with Dr Amron Bevels (MD & Diet Coach), who provides solid science backing and info for this program.

> A one-on-one consult with naturopath Dr. Neil Tessler

> A one-on-one session with integral counselor Miriam Mason Martineau (psych. MA)

> A one-on-one consult with fitness and wellness coach Crystal Robinson

> A weekly group support call with Miriam Mason Martineau & Crystal Robinson

> Online resources and community

> A monthly newsletter with inspirational content

Why do this program? Because your body deserves a break. Our North American diet puts such emphasis on carbohydrate-rich food, sugar in its myriad forms, and processed foods, that our organs – especially our pancreas – are overworked, constantly trying to keep up with the unhealthy food choices we make.

This program works – whether you are above your healthy weight and want to release the extra, or simply wanting to recalibrate your system and give it a well-deserved break – and it does so without any losing muscle mass and helps you get healthier in the process with the perfect combination of supplements.

Here’s what you will Release, Restore, and Renew:


  • Limiting and negative thought patterns and beliefs about yourself
  • Weight by burning off body fat, while maintaining muscle mass
  • Toxins that are stored in your body fat
  • The ‘old’ you, with all its accumulated ‘stories’, and make space for the you that wants to emerge and break free!



  • Your organs, especially your pancreas, give them a break, offer them nourishment!
  • A new sense of pleasure and ease in yourself
  • Confidence and motivation from the inside out
  • Your faith in the power of a supportive community; you don’t have to do this alone!
  • Vitality, energy, and a delight in living your life to its fullest!



  • Your cells!
  • Your relationship with yourself and with food
  • Your connection with the miracle of your body, gaining vitality and letting go of what burdens you
  • Your ability to listen to your body


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Follow these links to get more detailed info about our program, and the wonderful support team that will accompany you:





If you’re ready to dive in, or would like more info, please get in touch with our coordinating health & wellness coach, Crystal Robinson:

250-226-6733 or greenroomfit@yahoo.ca

Or you can purchase your VibrantU pack here (pay to: Crystal Robinson ~ greenroomfit@yahoo.ca), and we will be in touch with you directly to get you started!

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