Welcome to your support team!

We believe that when you want to make a big change in your life, it makes all the difference to have a team behind you! We are here for you.

We also believe that true transformation happens when we make changes in all areas of our life – in how we treat our bodies, what habitual behaviors we engage in, how we relate to our feelings and our thoughts, how we relate to others, and what kinds of larger systems (work, family, culture etc.) we are part of (are they supportive to the changes we seek to make or not?).

For this reason our program includes an integrative team of professionals:

Dr. Neil Tessler is a naturopathic physician in practice south of Vancouver BC since 1984.  For a number of years he served as an Editor of a professional journal of homeopathic practice and President of a professional association of naturopaths specialized in homeopathy.  He has lectured and written extensively on homeopathy and natural medicine.  He has been part of our health and renewal team since 2006.

Miriam Mason Martineau, Psych. M.A., has worked in private practice since 1993 as a therapist and coach. She brings an integral perspective to health and healing, and is passionate about nurturing our physical selves so that we can live life to its fullest in these miraculous bodies that house us! She is trained and certified as a professional psychologist in Zurich, Switzerland.

Crystal Robinson is a wellness coach and a BCRPA certified fitness instructor. An experienced high school educator, she discovered her passion for the natural health industry through her own journey of self-renewal. She is currently teaching a variety of fitness classes in Castlegar and the Slocan Valley and has a particular interest in pre and postnatal fitness. She also runs a Mama’s Wellness Circle as a place for mothers to nurture and support one another with a focus on integral health, wellness and lifestyle.

Dr. Amron Bevels-Wilson is Univera’s Medical Science Liaison. Her primary work is to support the science department in making product information and research development available to medical professionals, athletes, educators, and customers.

She facilitates clinical trials, performs research overviews and delivers bio-medical education that help promote Univera’s scientific endeavors and the development of effective products that can dramatically alter how you experience the aging process.

She also conducts the weekly VibrantU Program support calls.



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